Kickstart Fitness by Running the Mile This Spring

“NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS” To Take Place From May 1 Through June 15


March 29, 2016……..Bethesda, Maryland……The American Running Association is proud to announce its 2016 NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS, a program designed to use the Mile as the starting point in a Fitness Plan for youth beginning in kindergarten and elementary up to middle school students. NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS is a “youth running” event with the goals of celebrating the mile as the starting point to a lifestyle of better fitness in all youth.   The festive nature of a RUN A MILE DAYS event at an elementary or middle school encourages parents, teachers and other adults to support the effort that running is fun and can lead our youth to improved health, lower weights and a sense of well-being.


Who:     Any elementary or middle school or youth group can register to receive the training package and other materials to teach, implement the run day program and celebrate their success.  Participants will be provided with incentives, t-shirts, posters and certificates for their accomplishment.


How:     NRAMD via its website, directs a school or youth group to register and serve as the host for a “MILE DAYS event in the May 1 to June 15 timeframe. NRAMD is designed to have all students participate by running or combining run-walk to complete a mile.  Teachers and Educators are encouraged to develop creative goals for their students.  Running the mile is a starting point and the training plans are designed to fit existing free time in classrooms and PE classes.   To become a NRAMD host school, email us at  to fit the needs of the participating youth.  REGISTRATION CLOSES April 8th


Run Materials: Posters, fliers, training cards and MILE DAYS Completion Certificates will be provided by ARA at no cost to the participating youth organizations or schools.  Complimentary Tee shirts will be provided to sponsored schools and groups (limited quantities to sponsored schools), ARA reserves the right to select the sponsored schools and sites that receive complimentary t-shirts.


Date and Time:     From May 1 through June 15, the date and time is determined by each participating group.      

For further information, contact David Watt, ARA 1-301-913-9517 x 13 or go to their website


The American Running Association (ARA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 to promote healthy living and active lifestyles among all Americans. It is dedicated to supporting runners through education and specialized programs; as well as, it is committed to increasing the physical activity levels of America’s youth through walking and running .