National Run a Mile Day

Join the American Running Association (ARA) this May 9th to run a mile. ARA is teaming with Youth Runner Magazine (YR) to showcase all the schools nationwide that opt in and simply RUN A MILE. ARA seeks groups in all 50 states: elementary school classes, middle school track clubs, after school groups, parents, office groups; simply anyone who wants to join National Run a Mile Day Race.

Who, What, Where?

May 9, 2009
Your city, town, and school -- a high school track would be best
Anytime that day
Youth, teachers, parents, companies, organizations, individuals

How to Participate

American Running and Youth Runner seek youth groups or schools to host a RUN A MILE DAY event in your town, city or community. If you have a track, you have a MILE RUN site. Add a community OPEN MILE RUN for all adults. Kids can urge their parents and coaches to RUN THE MILE too.

ARA will provide:

  • Medals to a select group of Youth Sites that host a RUN A MILE DAY event
  • Sell MILE RUN tees at discount so your group, school or other organization can earn some funds
  • Post photos and times for all groups on the ARA and Youth Runner websites
  • Mile Training Program for youth participants
  • Event Operations Guide to organize your own NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY event

If you are interested in joining the NATIONAL RUN A MILE RACE on May 9th, email ARA: or call Dave Watt: 301-913-9517 x 13.

The American Running Association (ARA) is committed to increasing the physical activity level of America's youth and adults through running. It can start with a walking and then running.

Schools Participating

  • Oregon
    • Holy Trinity School
    • West Linn High School
  • California
    • Crescent Valley High