NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY is a 'youth and adult fitness event' sponsored by the American Running Association and Youth Runner Magazine. The goals of the RUN A MILE event are to celebrate the mile and encourage people of all ages, especially children from elementary to middle school ages, to participate in running the mile. NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY shall be a festive event that promotes the message that running can be fun and is an important aspect of overall health, fitness and well-being.

Steps for organizing a local RUN A MILE DAY event:

Establish a partnership with a local middle or high school. A high school track is the ideal location to hold this event.

Find a representative (a PE teacher, athletic director, or principal) from that school to assist with promoting and organizing the event.

Create a flier and permission or waiver form, posted on the school website and preferably promoted throughout the local school system. Suggested information to include on permission form: Name, age, birth date, email address, name of school. Permission / waiver form shall require parental or guardian signature.

Representative(s) from participating school(s) assists with registering students. Advance registration is suggested.

School representative(s) assist(s) with recruiting volunteers for race day. A minimum of 15 volunteers is recommended.

Establish a registration deadline, preferably one week before the event.

Races should be broken down by age group and sex, with several heats of each race depending on number of participants. Suggested breakdown for event:

Open Family Event (i.e. parent/guardian with child), 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 and up.


RUN A MILE DAY Event should ideally be held from 8 am to 12 noon, with on site registration offered, beginning at 7:30 am. Actual times are dependent on the availability of a track site.

Race/Event check-in should also begin at 7:30 am or 30 minutes prior to the Family Walk-Run Events. A spreadsheet with the names, ages, and registered races for each participant should be available at check in table. There should be at least two volunteers to work check-in table.

Start the event with the Open Family Walk/Run from 8 am to 9 am or the first time slot for your local event. The Walk-Run Family event is ideally suited for families with young children, or anyone who prefers to walk the event. Allow up to one hour for this event, with heats of up to 25 participants at a time, at 15-20 minute intervals. Number of heats will depend on number of registrants.

Age group races, starting with the 8 and under boys and girls will begin after Family Event. The last heat of each age group race shall be a competitive heat. Medals shall be set aside for the top 3 boys and girls in each age group competitive race. Thirty minutes per age group race is recommended, but this may vary depending on number of heats. A maximum of 10 participants is recommended for each age group race.

Parent volunteers will be responsible for timing the runners in each heat of age group races with the use of hand held stopwatches. Ideally, there should be 5 timers. Each timer will be responsible for recording the times of two runners.

After the final race, an awards assembly should be held. Medals (provided, free of charge, by American Running) shall be presented to the top three finishers from each age group for boys and girls. There should be 30 total medals awarded: Three medals per age group, male and female (six total medals per age group). The American Running Association (ARA) will sell NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY™T-shirts to event organizers.

The t-shirts will have a dated design to include the official NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY™ t-shirts will sell for approximately $10 each with a minimum order of 12 t-shirts. Orders of 48 or more shirts will be discounted to $8 per t-shirt. The suggested race day T-shirt price is $15 allowing organizers a $5 net per t-shirt. Pre-event t-shirt orders must be received by ARA no later than April 24, 2009.

Other fundraising options 1. Sell healthy drinks and snacks onsite. Several suggested snacks to sell include: Bottle water, Sports Drinks, bananas, bagels, and energy bars. If you are interested in planning an event to celebrate National Run a Mile Day™ and would like further instruction, please contact Maria Kolanowski: