In August Nathan Morales from San Antonio, Texas joined us at the Youth Runner Elite Middle School Camp. Besides his dance moves and great personality we realized Nathan was a pretty decent runner.


At his first meet of the 8th grade season he placed 1st in the 3200m course in 11:27. The next weekend Nathan participated in one of the biggest Cross Country Meets in Texas, FEAST Patriot 16th Annual XC Invitational. There was a total of 651 runners, 5th – 8th grade boys. Nathan came in 1st place! 3200m in at 11:15. He did amazing!



Nathan ran at the TLU XC invitational last weekend and it was a muddy mess. A funny story, at one point Nathan stopped in the middle of the race, in this pile of mud, because he thought his father was yelling that he was going the wrong way. What his father was yelling was, go around this way! Nathan swears this cost him seconds from his time. However, he still took first place!! He runs this Saturday, for one of his middle school meets and district is scheduled for Monday October 1, 2018. Nathan may also be running the Nike South Invitational in Houston Texas scheduled for September 28-29th



Way to Go Nathan!