Running the 3200m


Congratulations to Youth Runner Elite Middle School Camper Nathan Morales on a great track season!


When we met Nathan last summer he’d just been running a year. Went home and won most of his cross country meets including one of the biggest middle school races in Texas.


His last official competition with his school was this past Saturday, April 13, 2019 called the FEAST Track Meet. In all his other meets they have run the 2400m but at the FEAST they ran a 3200m for the 7th & 8th grade boys. This was Nathan’s first 3200m race and he did amazing with a first place finish in 10:37.18.


According to times on and Direct Athletics Nathan is number two in the State of Texas for the 3200m run and 4th in the 2400m run. On May 10th he will be competing in the Antonian Alamo Mile and attempting to break his PR of 4:58.



He won a total of 11 first place medals this track season, including three first place medals for district.


Way to Go Nathan!