This past month may not have been the driest, but that didn’t stop members of the Nanaimo Track and Field Club from turning in impressive performances.


After successfully hosting the Elwood Wylie Meet near the end of May, athletes from the local club travelled to compete at several events in June. My thanks to NTFC president Tyler Heisterman, as well as club representatives Terri Doughty and Sherri Clare, for their diligence in passing along results…

Early this month was the Garriock Meet held in Duncan, which incorporated Zone 6 B.C. Summer Games Trials for midget (aged 14-15) athletes. The Nanaimo club sent over 70 members to compete, including 13 midget-aged members. Of those, eight from Nanaimo were chosen to the Zone 6 Summer Games team. Josh Bailey was selected for 1,200 metres and 2,000m, Jason Clare for triple jump, long jump and pole vault and Carter Higgins for 800m, 200m hurdles and 1,500m steeplechase. Rachel Jerome earned selection in long jump and triple jump, Amy Morris in 2,000m and Alyssa Mousseau in 300m, 800m and 1,200m. Jenaya Pynn qualified for the Zone 6 team in 300m and 800m and Charlie Andrews in 100m, 200m and shot put. Those athletes will now take part in the Games to be held July 19-22 in Surrey.

In mid-June, 51 NTFC athletes travelled to the Langley Pacific Open Invitational meet. The Nanaimo contingent racked up no less than 67 top-three finishes, earning an impressive total of 20 gold, 31 silver and 16 bronze medals. While space doesn’t allow listing of all results, the following were gold medal highlights…

In the 10-year-old girls’ division, Karly Dickenson had first-place finishes in 600m and 1000m runs. Madison Heisterman won gold in 12-year-old girls’ competition in the 800m, 1,200m and 300m, while Jessica Katzberg took gold in the hammer throw. At the midget level for females, Jenaya Pynn was first in the 800m run, and masters runner Patti Rogers earned gold in 100m, 200m and 400m run.

With the boys, Keaton Heisterman took firsts in the 10-year-old boys’ division for both discus and 60m hurdles, with teammate Ethan Katzberg golden in the field events of javelin and shotput. In the 11-year-old division, Colby Day was first in javelin, while Nate Seaman topped the field in both 600m and 1000m runs. Nanaimo’s 11-year-old boys’ entry in the 4x100m relay also earned gold. Jack Schlitz took the gold for 13-year-old boys’ javelin and in the same age group Carter Higgins had gold in 800m run.

Last week, Rotary Bowl stadium was a busy place as NTFC hosted the Hershey Track and Field Meet. The event was open to all athletes aged 9-14 in the Nanaimo and mid-Island area and approximately 100 athletes took part.

In the boys’ 9-10 age division, local winners included Kintan Rasaiah in the 50m and 100m dash, Cameron Andrews in the 200m, Keaton Heisterman in 400m and long jump and Ethan Katzberg in softball throw. Top results from the girls 9-10 came from Charlotte Weaver in 50m dash, Sarah Wicks in 100m, Olivia Williams in 200m and Karly Dickinson in 400m. Williams also won in long jump, with Makayla Mitchell the best in softball throw.

Competition among 11-12-year-old boys saw David Wicks first in 100m, Matthew Brown in 200m and Nate Seaman in both 400m and 800m. The long jump event went to Matthew Brown, while Colby Day took first in softball throw. With 11-12-year-old girls, winners on the track were Cayla Smith in 100m, Jessica Ory in 200m, Hope Stewart in 400m and Madison Heisterman in the 800m run. Champs in field events were Jessica Katzberg for long jump and Lexy Johnson for softball throw.

Top performances from the 13-14-year-old boys’ age division came from Jack Schlitz in long jump and Rylee Mitchell in softball throw. Jason Clare was quickest on the track in 100m, Isaac Sandri in 200m, Carter Higgins in 800m and Josh Bailey in 1,600m. Higgins, Bailey, Clare and Sandri then combined to win the 4x100m relay event. Events for girls 13-14 resulted in first-place finishes for Rachel Jerome in long jump and Hayley Dickenson in softball throw. With running events, Julia Clarke took gold in 100m and 200m, Alyssa Mousseau in 800m and Amy Morris in 1,600m. First in the 4x100m relay was the team of Hayley Noshkin, Tatiana Burtini, Samantha Burnham and Leah Nesselbeck.

Some of the local athletes who took part may qualify to take part at the Hershey Track and Field Games in Pennsylvania. Club officials will be notified in mid-July.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Saturdays.