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Running is fun but it can also be a challenge.

However, there can be moments when you feel as if you can’t finish your race or accomplish your goal. When you are motivated to run, you are more likely to try your best to accomplish your goal. The definition of motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Motivation is effective during times of self-doubt because it keeps you going during times when you may want to stop or quit.


At a point where a runner feels as if they can’t run or aren’t able to run, motivation can help get them through all their challenges. During a race, there can be all sorts of challenges because if running was easy everyone would do it. According to Justin Levine, author of Limitless: A Man’s 300 mile run to prove anything is possible states, “Visualization is key, you have to do the work necessary to have confidence.” Before your race you must picture yourself having a good time and doing your best. A negative or positive attitude beforehand can make or break your race.


Photo from Justin Levine


When dealing with motivation during the race, focus on your surroundings and the people running next to you. “Use the energy of the people around you…reignite the fire, and reevaluate your mental thinking,” says Levine. The adrenaline of the people alongside you, the music blaring, and the sights of where you are running can keep your motivation intact. Focus on the positives of the race. Levine stresses the importance of not dwelling on the negative aspects because they will only slow you down.


No matter if you are having a bad race or a good race, it is about the experience. A good race means that you were motivated to try your best and accomplish your goals. A bad race may mean that you can learn from the past and in your next race, you can do even better. Levine suggests that you always use bad races as your motivation to do better next time. “Don’t give up…if you really want success; don’t quit,” says Levine. Quitting won’t allow you to truly succeed as a runner. But if you persevere, you will succeed in your running hopes and goals.


Motivation is what pushes people to try harder, and leading them to accomplish their goals. Motivation is a key component to helping runners reach new running goals.


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