Middletown Knight Striders at the Lightning Running Club Cross Country Meet – Race Recap & Results

October 13, 2013


Heavy rains and slick, muddy terrain did not prevent the Knight Striders from running their fastest meet of the season on Sunday in Kemptown, MD.  Running in team competitions, the Striders took 3rd place in the boys 3K midget race, 2nd place in the boys open 4K, and 6th place in the girls open 2K.  The Knight Striders proved they are serious and focused in team competition.


Of 32 participants for the Knight Striders, 29 runners showed time improvements and many had PRs on the challenging course.   Clare James overtook 4 runners in the last 400m of the 1K to finish first.  The duo of Landon Leatherman and Hayden Gorham continue to run well taking the 2nd and 3rd place spots respectively in the boys 3K midget race.  The top 5 runners in the boys 4K race ran fast for the 2nd place Knight Strider team finish.  The trio of Bryce Leber, Jordan Kimball and Collin Hanson kicked close as a squad to seal the deal on the Knight Striders low overall 47 score.


Overall results for the Knight Striders:

1K race Boys/Girls ages 6 and under


27th     7:21     Kyle Matthews

28th     8:54    Harvey Shapiro

1st        4:52     Clare James   

10th      5:40     Lyric Houldsworth

13th     6:59     Taylar Wilhelm             

15th      7:16     Fran James

17th      8:45     Sharon Martin


2K race Boys/Girls ages 7-8 – 6th place overall 2K team 7-8 age

36th     12:12   Alyssa Augustine

37th      12:15   Caroline Matthews

40th     12:25   Amy Grace Bizzell

45th      12:30   Mary Winram

47th     14:11   Ashley Wilhelm


3K race Boys/Girls ages 9-10

26th      14:04  Bradley Gorham

62nd     17:49   Louie Shapiro

11th      14:06  Jordan Pryor


3K race Boys/Girls ages 11-12 - 3rd place overall 3K team 11-12 age

2nd        10:57    Landon Leatherman

3rd         11:15   Hayden Gorham

19th      12:15  Grayson Whitesell

36th      13:19   Alec Augustine

42nd     13:49  Will Pakenas

47th      14:07   Noah Grossnickle

64th      16:15  Jack Troop

3rd        11:28  Lauren Leatherman


4K race Boys/Girls ages 13-14 – 2nd place overall 4K team – 13-14 age

2nd        13:57    Riley McDermott

7th        15:30     Mick McGrane

16th      16:19    Bryce Leber

21st      16:41   Jordan Kimball

24th     17:04  Collin Hanson

25th      17:14   Luke Gorham

42nd      19:19   Brennan Straits

44th      19:20   Ethan Grossnickle

11th     18.37    Kate McLister



The Knight Striders will compete at the Mountain Express Cross Country meet in Smithsburg, MD on Oct. 20.