Running in unseasonably hot and muggy temps, 30 Knight Striders rolled into mid-season with a strong and consistent performance at the Howard County Junior Striders Youth Cross Country Meet on Oct. 6.  The Knight Striders took top places in the 4K and 3K events.  Riley McDermott took an early and wide open lead in the boys 4K to finish in first place followed by Mick McGrane in 3rd; Landon Leatherman took 3rd place in the boys 3K; Lauren Leatherman cruised to a first place victory in the girls 3K; Hayden Gorham took 4th place in the boys 3K; and Jordan Pryor took 3rd place in the girls 3K.  A complete listing of Knight Strider places and times are listed below.


1K race Boys/Girls ages 6 and under


27th     7:12     Kyle Matthews

5th       5:08     Clare James   

6th       5:21     Jane Staley    

18th     7:58     Fran James


2K race Boys/Girls ages 7-8

26th     10:35   Sol Baran

35th     12:53   Karl Geisler

32nd    12:44   Alyssa Augustine

33rd     12:49   Caroline Matthews

40th     13:31   Amy Grace Bizzell

41st     13.34   Mary Winram


3K race Boys/Girls ages 9-10

22nd     15:02  Carter White

28th      15:42  Bradley Gorham

3rd        13:52   Jordan Pryor

16th      16:17   Rio Baran

37th      25:36   Ava Wilson


3K race Boys/Girls ages 11-12

3rd        11:36    Landon Leatherman

4th         11:49   Hayden Gorham

26th      13:53   Alec Augustine

47th      16:12   Noah Grossnickle

62nd      21:19  Jack Troop

1st          11:51  Lauren Leatherman

23rd      15:51  Julia Staley

24th      15:52  Nastassia Kaleta

35th      19:20   Tessa Hauser


4K race Boys/Girls ages 13-14

1st         15:10    Riley McDermott

3rd        16:16     Mick McGrane

9th         17.52    Bryce Leber

12th       18:12   Luke Gorham

29th       20:31   Brennan Straits

32nd      21:53  Ethan Grossnickle



The Knight Striders will compete in team competitions at the Lightning Running Club Youth Cross Country meet next weekend fielding 2K girls, 3K boys and 4K boys teams of 5-8 runners.  This will be good practice for the upcoming National qualifiers.