TRACK DISTANCES Defined Mick defines track distances. 4x800m relay 4 kids each kid runs 2 laps 110 hurdles about the same as 100 (length of the straightaway on the track) 1600m run 1 mile 4 laps not recommended until the 800m is mastered 4x100m relay 1 lap total 4 kids (2 run the corners, 2 run the straights) 400m dash 1/4 mile 1 lap 300m hurdles less than 1 lap but is very hard 800m run 1/2 mile 2 laps 200m dash 1/2 lap almost a total sprint 3200m run 2 miles 8 laps not recommended for kids 4x400m relay 4 kids each runs 1 lap

Kids should run lots of relays. It keeps interest high and gives the kids someone to train with.