ASK COACH MICK Dressing for an XC race


Dear Coach, The cross-country season is coming to a close in Ohio and the weather is going to get cold and rainy. My daughter is 11 and is a good runner. I let the coach of her team coach and I run with her whenever I get a chance.

One question though. If the weather is cold 40 -50 degrees and rainy, should she wear her uniform only, or layer with a long sleeve tee or under armour for a championship meet? I don't want her to be too hot, but I certainly don't want her to freeze either. Her time for 2 miles is usually around 13 minutes on an average course.

Thanks, Parent

Dear Parent, In training, it is wise and easy to dress in layers. It is a bit more complicated in races, if the athlete is wearing a uniform.

If conditions are going to be rainy, don't wear a long sleeve which will absorb water, since you will get the opposite result of your intention. A good technical running store will have light water repelling tops.

40-50 degrees isn't that cold for running, so it is important not to over dress. Sometimes, just gloves will keep her comfortable in a race. Keep a warm top on until just before the start.

The best idea is to get to a good running shop and get some gear to keep your daughter dry. You don't need to worry as much about over dressing in training, since she can discard layers as the run goes along and will heat up a bit more slowly, since the pace is slower.

Best wishes for your daughter's continued success; have fun, Coach Mic