The Baton Hand off

Dear Mick, Question: I'm teaching my girls the proper way to run a relay 4x100. Which pass works the best for them. I'm trying to eliminate them from bunching or running into each other at the hand off. Also when is the best time for them to yell stick?

Thanks, Greg

Dear Greg,

I use a blind overhand pass. It reduces the risk of dropping the baton.

The way we start is by using 21 footsteps from the takeoff point is the mark to go. You can adjust it from there. #1 girl baton in right. >#2 girl receives in left. #3 girl receives in right. #4 girl receives in left. Teach the girls to keep the baton in the center of the lane. Usually, from the takeoff point, the outgoing girl will sprint 4 strides (usually the incoming runner will yell STICK!) then blindly extend her receiving hand while sprinting to almost shoulder height for an easy pass. This can be perfected with practice.

A blind overhand pass is where the outgoing runner does not look behind. She is focused on running forward. She will extend her receiving hand back when she hears stick with her PALM FACING UP. The incoming runner will be responsible for passing the baton into the outgoing runner's hand.

Fun first, Coach Mick