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About Children's Athletic Clubs

Dear Mick,

My son Alexander does not enjoy physical contact sports but has voiced an interest in athletics such as long jump ,running etc. He is seven years old .I thought of finding a childrens athletic club that would keep things fun as he would meet other kids. Also I am not athletic at all. Still having nightmares about school sports days and being last in every event.I don't know how to find such a thing in this country or if they exsist. I have checked the local city facilities who teach soccer swimming etc. Can you help point me in the right direction. We are in Shoreline, WA. This is minutes from Seattle.

Thank you so much for your help,

Paulette Robertson Washington

Dear Paulette,

You can try these youth clubsI would start off very easy with your son and try to have some fun. Maybe you can run together occasionally! Just a few minutes every other day is a great start! Try the Log-a-Mile Program on The key is to start. You can have fun together in the Great Northwest! Keep in touch

Best wishes, Coach Mick

Note from the kid's editor: Running is the universal sport. Many other sports have a running component and therefore being a good runner is a need of our greatest athletes from basketball to tennis. However, running can also satisfy the needs of people who have never felt athletic. Running can be a personal sport and we can help you design a program to meet your own needs. Running does not have to be competitive. Running is a sport for life.

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