With thousands of track fans watching, Micah stepped into the starting blocks in the Preliminary heats to try to qualify for the Semis. The field would narrow from the top 60 racers in the nation to 24. Micah raced a personal best time in the 200m at 22:98. He felt his confidence rise. He could run with these boys even though some of the boys were a year older and all of them were much bigger than him.

The next day Micah ran 11:34 a personal best in the 100m. At the end of the day, he had the 3rd overall best time. Another big confidence boost!


In the 200 Semi, Micah ran a bit slower but made the final 8 in 7th position. He was guaranteed a medal! However, he complained pressure in his hip after the race. In the 100m Semi, Micah had bad start and ran 11:70 which was 13thoverall in the nation, but he did not make the final 8. Micah was devastated for the rest of the day. Even talking to his coach on the phone for an hour did not console him.

In the 200m Final, Micah was still suffering from the 100m performance. He came around the corner in the first 100m in 4th place, battling for 3rd. Then he hit a wall and watched the boys go past him at the finish. But, he proudly wore his 8th place medal. He was the 8th fastest runner for the 13/14 age group at the age of 13 year old in the nation.

Micah learned a lot at the meet and knows what to work on for next year: training to run more heats over the week and getting mentally tougher between heats. He spent the last day at the beach just being a boy and having fun with no responsibility