Mt. Hood Conference at Centennial HS
5K 10/25/05
With berths at the State Meet up for grabs the Mt. Hood Conference at Centennial High School numerous fans were on hand to cheer on their favorite teams in spite of the fact that they charged admission. The girls led off in what was anticipated as an individual battle between Sheryl Page of Sandy, winner of the South Salem Invitational, Anne Murphy-Hagan of St. Mary's & Michelle Dettman of Centennial.

The diminutive Page, however, had other ideas & was pushing the pace from the gun. Starting on the track she had a short lead over Dettman, as she rounded the first turn. By the time that the leaders came around the far turn Page held a 3 meter lead over Dettman, who had a 3 meter lead over Hagen with Missy Reynolds leading the trailing pack just a bit behind.

Running up the hill & off the track the Sandy runner had padded her lead & continued to build upon it as she ran out of sight on the northern end of the course. At around the half mile mark , as they ran by & just below the track, Page had opened a gap that seemed to assure her of victory. The St. Mary's runner had moved up a bit & prepared to be ready to launch a drive toward second place but that was not to be the case as Dettman, having regrouped after chasing Page, was now smoothing out her stride to guarantee 2nd place. From that early point onward there was no question about the outcome of the individual battle.

Page returned to the track & flew to the finish running away with the race in a time of 18:18. Dettman was the only other runner to break 19 minutes on the course & placed second ahead of Anne Murphy-Hagan. Although a bit dehydrated at the finish Page showed that she can be expected to contend for the upcoming State championship.

The team race did present a bit of a surprise as St. Mary's, which was favored, fell to Barlow & Centennial. Three points separated each of the place finishers but only two teams will head to State.

In the race for the guys' title... Central Catholic, which is ranked number one in the state, was the overwhelming favorite. As such the game plan was for defending State champion & Footlocker finalist Kenny Klotz to pace his team mates for the first two miles.

According to the script Klotz left the track with two Central Catholic runners in tow, who were joined by Ryan Beaver of Gresham, & Tim Roady of David Douglas.
With Klotz holding back on the throttle a fair sized pack of eight remained in contention at the two mile mark where Klotz began a surge. He quickly opened a 20 meter lead which soon blossomed into a 50 meter lead. In an effort reminiscent of his former team mate (and soon to be University of Oregon team mate Galen Rupp) in his junior year, Klotz not only broke open the race but easily won in a fine time of 15:46. Considering only a moderate effort in the first two-thirds of the race it bodes well for State & his other aspirations. He was followed into the shute by Taylor Morgan, Luke Wiltshire & Nick Turner, so Catholic easily garnered the victory 18 to 81. Centennial earned a trip to State with its victory over David Douglas.

Mt. Hood Conference Team
1 Kenny Klotz CC 15:46.60 Central Catholic 18
2 Taylor Morgan CC 16:03.80 Centennial 81
3 Luke Wiltshire CC 16:04.80 David Douglas 88
4 Nick Turner CC 16:06.00 Gresham 102
5 Ryan Beaver Gr 16:21.20 Reynolds 110
6 Chase Kaufman Cl 16:22.20 Barlow 136
7 Tim Roady DD 16:23.80 Sandy 189
8 Samot Turina CC 16:26.50 Parkrose 249
9 George Tkebuchava Cl 16:36.60
10 Sam Wotipka CC 16:39.00
13 Kevin O'Malley CC 16:47.40

Girls Individual Team
1 Sheryl Page S 18:18.70 Barlow 58
2 Michelle Dettmann C 18:47.70 Centennial 61
3 Anne Murphy-Hagan SM 19:24.00 St. Mary's 64
4 Allison Harney SM 20:00.30 Central Catholic 88
5 Tera Stegner B 20:17.30 Gresham 89
6 Missy Lawler R 20:20.00 Reynolds 138
7 Kelsey McCoy C 20:23.40 David Douglas 168
8 Danielle Raines G 20:35.80
9 Nicole Ramerez B 20:40.90
10 Rachel Bohan CC 20:44.20

In other District action Shelby Brennan of Aloha & Jerhoemee Murray of Beaverton were impressive champions from their divisions, while both Jesuit teams overpowered their challengers in the Metro Conference. Casey Masterson of Sheldon ran a strong race to claim the individual title in the Midwest District & Eric Lynch of South Eugene took the boys title. The 2nd ranked girls of South Eugene easily marched to State for a match with Jesuit. St. Helens, as expected won the Three Rivers League Boys title while West Linn claimed the girls. Claire Michel showed she is ready for state with a facile victory among the individual girls & Brandon Frisbee of Lake Oswego won the boys title.

Metro Conference
at Tualatin Hills

Girls Individual Team
1 Shelby Brennan A 18:09 Jesuit 24
2 Bailey Schutte J 18:41 Sunset 66
3 Anna Imperati J 18:45 Southridge 90
4 Katie Sullivan J 18:57 Westview 113
5 Noelle VanRysselberghe J 19:03 Aloha 114
6 Ellen Lekas S 19:05 Beaverton 136
7 Chris Foster S 19:06 Hillsboro 155
8 Chelsey Gehrts SR 19:07 Century 138
9 Samone Brockett S 19:08 Liberty 256
10 Adrienne McQuirk J 19:13
12 Maria Salazar J 19:21

Boys Team
1 Jerhoemee Murray C 15:45 Jesuit 29
2 Eric Zeuthen W 16:01 Beaverton 94
3 Rob Maletis J 16:04 Westview 107
4 Cody Fairbanks H 16:12 Sunset 119
5 Brian Manning J 16:23 Southridge 123
6 Sam Larson J 16:26 Century 124
7 Matt Smith J 16:26 Aloha 153
8 Peter Maag J 16:29 Hillsboro 186
9 Kyle Burnham B 16:30 Glencoe 282
10 Eddie Niedermeyer J 16:38 Liberty 284

Midwest League at Lane CCC
Boys Individual Team

1 Eric Lynch SE 16:16 South Eugene 39
2 Nathan Endicott T 16:19 Thurston 44
3 Ryan Erickson C 16:24 Sheldon 81
4 Lukas Fenley T 16:35 Marshfield 98
5 Sean Kovensky SE 16:37 Churchill 142
6 Jared Bassett M 16:39 Springfield 157
7 Brad Bauer T 16:55 North Eugene 164
8 Ryan Petersen T 17:02 Lebanon 212
9 Colin Tracey SE 17:08
10 Eamonn Kerr-Daly SE 17:09

Girls Individual Team
1 Casey Masterson Sh 18:53 South Eugene 22
2 Lauren Sharp SE 19:52 Sheldon 36
3 Whitney Pitman SE 19:54 Churchill 108
4 Brookie Wilson SE 19:57 Marshfield 126
5 Madison Randall Sh 19:59 Thurston 145
6 Taylor Drouet SE 20:07 Lebanon 149
7 Lauren Harvey SE 20:14 Springfield 186
8 Lenka Stafl Sh 20:16 North Eugene 196
9 Devon Williams Ch 20:36
10 Natalie Stafl Sh 20:40
11 Lena Sessions SE 20:44

Three Rivers League at Clackamas CCC
Boys Team
1 Ben Frisbee LO 16:04 St. Helens 35
2 Kevin Elder SH 16:15 Clackamas 43
3 Brandon Snook OC 16:25 Lake Oswego 76
4 Scott Ward C 16:30 Oregon City 106
5 Ryan Waite SH 16:44 Lakeridge 146
6 Travis Isaacs C 16:48 West Linn 154
7 Jeremy Liebman C 16:49 Putnam 160
8 Curtis Griff SH 16:57 Milwaukee 227

Girls Individual Team
1 Claire Michel C 18:21 West Linn 37
2 Taylor Nowlin WL 19:24 Clackamas 44
3 Olivia Tomlinson OC 19:53 Lake Oswego 95
4 Whitney Harmon WL 19:57 Putnam 96
5 Rachelle Hacmac P 19:58 Oregon City 136
6 Sami Parr P 20:04 Lakeridge 151
7 St. Helens 168
8 Milwaukee 230