April 23rd
Well, this weekend was nicer weather than at Pasco, at least.  It was still windy at the Mooberry Relays at Rogers High School, but at least there was a definite direction from which it was blowing this time.  The wind didn't seem to phase our relay team, though.  Our coaches put all four of us (Jenna Canter, Courtney Zalud, Jessica Klier, and myself) together for the entire meet, meaning that I was on the same relay team for the distance medley relay, 4x800, and 4x400.  It was a long day beginning at 9 am when we left the school, to 6 pm when we closed down the meet after the 4x400.
        We ran the DMR first, and ended up breaking the meet record by 20 seconds.  Going into the race, I don't think any of us knew what the record was but when we heard our time, our coach (Barbero) told us that we had broken it.  He knew right away because he had coached the team who had previously held the record before he came to Mt. Spokane 6 years ago. 
After lying around trying to stay out of the sun (for the most part, but hey, it was 63 degrees and sunny!) we won the 4x800 and set another record in that event!  Later on was the 4x400, and we ended up 5th in that, but we were pleased considering that only one of us (Jenna) specializes in the 400, and the fact that we bettered our 4x400 time by 4 seconds.  
        So all in all, the weekend was fun, sunny, and exciting with our two meet records.  While it was a lot of fun, I've found that relays can be just as nerve-wracking as the individual races.  But the cool part about that is that there's always another depth you can dig to when you remember that you've got 3 more girls standing on the infield counting on you.  It was also a great team bonding experience as the same group of us four warmed up, raced, cooled down, and entertained each other in between, whether it was rocking out to each other's music or playing keep-away with a bunch of little kids from our team and coaches.  The keep away game got pretty intense, I might add:  soon it was just Jessica and I against a bunch of little 4th grade boys.  We got taken down a lot that day.  hehe
        Oh yeah, another cool thing was I got athlete of the meet but I think my entire relay team should have gotten it since it takes four girls to set a record in a relay. 

April 17th, 2006
The wind does blow in Central Washington, namely, Pasco, Washington.  In fact, the Pasco Invitational this past Saturday beheld a special breed of wind: a headwind from every direction around the entire track.  I kid you not, in my race that day (the 1600), the wind was the greatest opponent. I did win my race, but I'll let you be the judge of who won in the battle of Megan v The Wind.

In a field of 50 girls, and with Pasco being the largest single-day track and field event in the nation, there is bound to be some great competitors.  This said, Jessica Pixler of Eastlake set a fast pace early on in the race, coming through the first lap in 65.  I came through in second at 70.  I was not surprised at how the race went out, but by lap 3, I was definitely a little more winded than I had expected as I fought the headwind from hell to catch up to Pixler.   

When I came up on her, I found a nice space on the inside of the lane I thought she had kindly left for me to go by.  As I came up on her inside shoulder to pass, however, she scooted over in front of me so that I nearly smashed into her.  Oops.  Note to self: Passing on the inside=bad idea.  

After finding my rhythm again in the next few steps, I moved around her from the outside.  I finished the last 600 m in first place with a new PR and meet record of 4:47.

The previous record was 4:57, and my PR and season best was a 4:49 before this race, which gave me confidence going in that I could break it.  But I am even happier and a bit surprised with my PR by 2 seconds against the wind.  I am excited to actually have some nice weather (hopefully) in the next few weeks to see what I can do in better conditions.