Hello Youth Runners everywhere! We're excited to have Melody Fairchild share her running and life experiences over the next months as she blogs each week here at Youthrunner.com. She is now a professional runner but as a Youth Runner she was blazing fast!

For starters she was the first high school girl to break 10 minutes for the 2 mile in 9:55.
Twice she won the Kinney XC National Championships
(Kinney is what Foot Locker Nationals used to be called)

3rd at the World XC Championships in 1991
Plus she was an 8 time Colorado State Champion while at Boulder High School. WOW!

As a collegiate runner Melody was a 3 Time All-American and an NCAA 3k Champ Indoors in 9:07

Her list of accomplishments is super long but these days Melody runs with the Newton Running Elite and a Running Coach for the Warriors Running Club. Plus she does motivitational speaking, director of a running camp, and.......is a Blogger at Youthrunner.com.

Look forward to some inspiration, great running stories and even some lessons that Melody has learned from her running career.

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This is Melody from her first junior high school race as a 7th grader, at Platt Junior High in Boulder, Colorado. She was running against the clock to a 5:25 mile at altitude. The man yelling splits is her junior HS coach, Joe Sleeper and the other man is Mr. Gonzales the principal. This is the earliest photo she could find of herself running.


“…There is no finish line, when you bring a beginner’s mind; and take just one more step, each time….” Darryl Purpose “Race The Wind.” (this is a song that Darryl wrote for Melody.....you can hear it at this link)


Melody's first blog post:

“I’m running to the house behind the rock!” I declared to my family one day when I was eight years old. I grew up in Four Mile Canyon, just west of Boulder, Colorado and unless I wanted to head back towards town, the only way to run was up.


In my mind, I was going on a grand adventure and the butterflies still trapped inside me, were in soaring mode. They super-charged my movements as I laced up my shoes, inhaled deep breaths and stepped outside onto the front porch.

I stood there and thought about where I was going, visualizing the round trip. It would not become apparent to me until later in life, but the decision to take action that day and follow my passion and curiosity has served as a teaching story throughout my life.


With hope in my heart and wings on my heels I set off running, down the sidewalk in front of the house, past our orange Volkswagon, took a flying leap over the cottonwood tree roots busting through the driveway, over the bridge with four mile creek gurgling beneath it and hung a left, up canyon. The canyon walls hugged and the trees cheered me as I ran; the calming sound of moving water in the creek made my heart leap out of my chest with joy. I passed our neighbor’s house and felt my breath and calves working more, with the increased grade.

And then I arrived; I was at the house behind the rock. It took all of roughly three minutes.

I stood there, enjoying the satisfaction that comes on the heels of following through with an intention to do something. Then I wondered: what lies beyond this? I looked at my feet, noticing where I was. I grabbed a fat stick and dug a deep line in the dirt from where I was standing, to a few feet away, towards the creek. “I’ll take one more step, each time” I said to myself. I visualized a thrilling run which someday soon would be the culmination of my many steps: the “Poorman” run. Poorman Road bridges Four Mile Canyon with Sunshine Canyon; my field of dreams had just been redefined.


I flew home. “That was fast” my Mom said. “Yep. I’m gonna take one more step each time I go!” I declared.

The distance to the house behind the rock was about two hundred meters. If I had tried to place a value on my experience, or had judged the distance to my line in the dirt which I would surpass next time, the magic would have been lost. “…There is no finish line, when you bring a beginner’s mind…” 

Allow the myth of your excellence and the magic of your journey to live; your  journey begins with one step.

This formative experience of running two hundred meters, of remembering the feeling in my body and the emotions surrounding it, set the tone for years of running success to come.

Pre said “the hardest thing to do in the world, is to believe in something.” That something is different for each of us. Take one step at a time toward the things  which you feel passionate and are curious about and live to love YOUR Journey.


What are you passionate and curious about? What fears are holding you back?

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