Meet Lauren Kearney from Ventura, California and a member of the Tigres Track Club.
This is her first blog to introduce herself
to us. She'll be blogging about her race day routines, the relay, and shoes for runners.


My name is Lauren Kearney. I am 14 years old. I will be graduating 8th grade this year. I have maintained straight A's during all 3 years of middle school.  My favorite subject is science. Outside of running I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with my friends, volunteering in my community, and going to the beach.  

My favorite movie is Dead Poets Society, and my favorite food is Mac 'n Cheese.  My favorite track events are the 3200, the 800, and the 4x400.

My early days of youth sports involved competitive swimming. Nine years ago I started running with our local youth track club, the Ventura Tigres, and I instantly knew I wanted to become a runner.  Over the years I have been able to make some great memories, and run some great races.  

My best race was last year at the co-conference championship meet, I ran the 800 and set a personal best by 4 seconds, so this was a great accomplishment for me.  

My worst race ever was the first time I ever raced the 3200, I had no idea how to pace myself and I went out too hard. I used this as a learning experience and I now know how to run that race.  

Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to Portland, Oregon with my team. There, we competed in the Portland Track Festival where we were fortunate enough to meet many accomplished runners, so that was by far my favorite running experience.  

Lastly, my advice to other runners is to always work your hardest, and to always remember that every second counts.