Hey Everyone, meet Espen Lehnst who was featured in the March-April Issue of Youth Runner Magazine's Top Dog of the Month section. Here is his first blog post.

I’m Espen Lehnst and I’m a Youth Runner.  I am 10 years old from East Lansing Michigan and currently in 5th grade.  My favorite hobbies are playing outside with my friends, writing, playing video games and sports.  In addition to running I play soccer and basketball.  My favorite food is chicken tacos and my favorite movie is Godzilla 2014. 

My first experience with running was when I was 9 months old at the Flying Pig Marathon.  I did the 20 foot diaper crawl race and won my heat, even after rolling off the mat.  The first race I ever ran was a 5k when I was 5 year old with my Mom, I finished in 36 minutes and fell in love with the sport. 

My favorite experience with running is going to Nationals in both track and cross country.  I really enjoy traveling to different states for the events and hanging out with my running friends that I compete against.  My best race experience was winning the USATF Cross Country Nationals Bantam 3k this past December in South Carolina.  I focused all year and worked hard preparing and I ran my best time of the season running 10:23.

My worst race was the 1500 meter in Iowa at AAU track nationals.  I had a really poor start and was in last place during the first lap of my heat.  I had to really work hard to catch back up and finish 5th place.  Although I was disappointed in how the race started, I was really proud of myself for not giving up and still medaling in the race.  I learned that not all races will go as planned but by never giving up and trying your best you can overcome any challenge.

My goals this year for running include trying to break 5 minutes in the mile and breaking 10 minutes in the 3000 meter. 

My best advice for all youth runners is to always challenge yourself by setting goals and never give up chasing them.