YR: So.................after last year what's it feel like to be coming back?

Christian: It feels great being back on the team this year. I was bummed that things didn’t work out that I was able to go last year. I believe that my strengths are on the up and down courses. It should be a great experience.

YR: Where do you want to stack up this year?

Christian: I have team and individual goals for this year’s race. I want to place in the top 10 overall and as a team place in the top 5 or even get on the podium. I believe the team is looking very good and we can surprise some people.

YR: What about your training?

Christian: I really haven’t changed my training for Switzerland that much. I have just been trying to get more hills. My dad did make a 1.5 mile loop behind our house that simulates that course I Switzerland. I have been running the course once a week adding a lap every week. Last week I ran 6 laps for 9 miles.

YR: When did you start running?

Christian: Ever since I could walk I was trying to run. When my family and I would go on hikes I would always have my mom or dad time me to run to a tree and back. I first started running competitively when I was 8 or 10 years old. My t-ball game got canceled and my uncle as going to a 5k road race so I decided to tag along. I ended up placing 3rd in my age group and thought that it was the coolest thing.

YR: How did track go this year?

Christian: High School track went great for me this year. At the New York State track and field championships I won the Federation title in the 3000m steeplechase in 9:17. I was down by 5 seconds with a lap left and caught the Ryan McDermmott with about 5 meters left. I then placed 3rd at the USA Junior Track and Field Championships. My PRs for the season were 52.5 for the 400, 1:59.4 in the 800, 4:22 for the 1600, and 9:28 for the 3200.

YR: Your advice for the others reading about the team and getting excited about trail running?

Christian: My advice for runners who are thinking about getting into trail runs are don’t worry trying to average a certain time per mile because it wont happen. Always pay attention to the course because you never know what will be up ahead.

YR: You got it, the dreaded favorites.

Christian: It would be........Food, Pasta and Lobster, Movie-Remember the Titans, Book-Running with the Buffaloes, School-History and Math, Color-green and school bus yello (green bay packers),
Activities outside of running: I love to hike, camp, travel, and other outdoor activities

YR: What else do you do besides chase Mountain Goats on trails?

Christian: I'm a soccer goalie and do a little snowshoeing.

YR: Any role models?

Christian: Kipchoge “Kip” Keino, Daniel Lincoln, Brett Farve, Reggie White

YR: College:

Christian: I am going to be attending the University of Colorado in Boulder to run for Coach Mark Wetmore

YR: Goals?

Christian: My lifetime goals are to compete in the Olympic Trials in the 3000m steeplechase. and to become an All American at Colorado in xc and track. Also be on a national championship xc team at CU. Dream is to run in the Olympics.