Little Sister Lane is back again at the Nike Women's Marathon

held in San Francisco this coming Sunday October 21st. Not only is the Lane back but the Mt. Gleason School kids are back in full force to cheer on the runners as they go by.

Last year we experienced the excitement ourselves..........out somewhere around mile 21 where bus loads of middle school kids were giving high fives to the marathoners as they passed by. There's nothing like a bunch of enthusiastic kids to get you energized or at least a little boost to keep on going to the finish. We had so much fun we're back again in San Francisco to see the kids and join in with some cheering ourselves.

The Mt. Gleason kids do more than just cheer, they have over 200 runners in their school running club that range from beginners to one kid who has actually finished four! Last year to get to San Francisco they had car washes and other fundraisers to pay for a charter bus from Sunland, California and 50 of the kids ran the half marathon.

The Gleason Kids have other accomplishments that include taking 23 kids (22 finished) to the LA Marathon in 2004, 64 kids (63 finished) in 2005, 108 (107 finished) in 2006, 133 kids (131 finished) in 2007, and plan on taking over 150 this year. Last April they took 12 teams of 5 runners to the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon which has become of their favorite events.

They even volunteer at other races like 5K's and marathons to give back to the community and also to learn how much goes into a race........they want to put on their own event some day.

So hey..........Mt. Gleason Runners, Youth Runner is gonna be watching you on Sunday and cheering for you.