Coaches, who are interested in having in-put into the rankings are encouraged to contact me at ( Please send your ideas as to rankings to me on either Sunday or Monday, so that I can combine in a timely manner prior to the next weekend’s action.


1 Gig Harbor Washington Anna Kalbrenner & Christy Sipes of 5 returners

2 West Valley Fairbanks, Alaska Crystal Pitney (former state champion) returning plus Kayla Teslow + 2 other

3 Jesuit Oregon No front runner but no weakness w/ great depth - Noel Vanrysselberg leads

4 Boise Idaho Sarah Olson (5th State) leads 5 other returners

5 Squalicum Washington Brownyn Crossman (1st State) leads 4 other returnees

6 Eastlake Washington Chelsea Orr (9th State) leads the team that placed 3rd last year - all return

7 Bellarmine Tacoma, Wa. Nicole Cochran & Kayla Evans will go 1-2 in many meets.

8 Sehome Washington Annie Moore leads 3 returnees from State 2A champion

9 St Mary’s Portland, Or Alexa Kearns (15th State) 5 returnees

10 Jefferson Washington Returns 5 of its runners but graduated Kenna Patrick (#1)

11 Snohomish Washington Ellie Bonner leads always powerful team w/ 4 other returners

other teams of note: Oregon - Tualatin, Sunset, South Eugene

Washington: - Redmond

Alaska: West Anchorage, Juneau




1 Jesuit Oregon Bryan Manning & Peter Maag (5 & 9 at State) + 4 other returnees

2 Central Catholic Oregon State champ Taylor Morgan & Samot Turina (4th State), depth a question

3 North Central Wash. Andy Kimpel (5th State -3A) leads everyone back - still not depth of top 2

4 Crater Oregon Lost Jake Keyser (1st State) but has Ryan Smetana (5th) leading solid pack of 5

5 Kodiak Alaska State champ Trevor Dunbar & team off to a solid start - back is quedtion

6 Lake Stevens Wash. Joey Bywater &Kyle Van Santen make them tough up front

7 Sehome Wash. Jake Riley hard to replace but Mason McHenry leads 5 returners

8 Tahoma Wash. Jon Lefler (16th State) leads 5 of top 6 returners

9 West Valley Wash. All runners return

10 Mead Wash. Hard to overlook traditional power & has Kelly Lynch (7th Dt)

11 Seattle Prep Wash. Loss of Max OD but 4 return

Many questions of depth for most teams makes it a challenge to assess early. Other teams of note:

Washington: Skyline, Ferris & Gig Harbor

Oregon: Klammath Union (4 of top 5 back), Canby

Idaho: Boise & Mountain View

Alaska: South Anchorage (off to good start & they have Aaron Fletcher (#2 state returning)