Most athletes would be satisfied with two national records at the USATF Hershey Youth Nationals but Lauryn Heskin isn’t just another athlete. One week later she set a new world record for 12 year olds in a 5k run. Whoa!

Lauryn answered a few questions about the day for us.


YR: What can you tell me about the race?

The event was the Tomorrow's Hope 5k in Garden City.  This was my first time running this 5k. It was a road race, and was very flat. It was pretty cold, especially since I was only wearing a tank top and shorts. It was a small race, with only 260 runners this year. 

What was your race plan that day?

My race plan was to go out at a good pace, and gradually get faster. Because it was a relatively small race, I didn't have to worry about it being too crowded on the line. At two miles, I was at a time of 10:33. I knew that this was a good pace, so I kept up this pace. Part of my plan was also to keep both of my shoes on, which didn't happen in the 800 at the USATF Youth Nationals... 

How nervous were you?

I was a little nervous because I never ran this course before, but I was told it was a very flat course. 


What was the time?

My time was a 17:37.3. 

What was the old time that you broke?

The old 12-year-old 5k records was a 18:01.8


Here is Lauryn the week before competing at the USATF Hershey Youth Nationals.