Kyle Humbert in action.


We first met Kyle last year at the finish line of the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. He and his dad ran the half together.  In the fall Kyle ran the Champoeg Half and over the 4th of July he ran his first marathon called the Foot Traffic Flat. For a 12 year old he did pretty good coming in under four hours. There are a lot of questions out there on whether 12 is too young to run a marathon. So, we asked Kyle how it felt to run a marathon and how he would answer the question.


YR: What inspired you to run a marathon?

I was inspired to do a marathon by the fact that I had already completed two half marathons in respectable times at ages 11 and 12. I also knew that I would never have a chance to run a marathon before I was a teenager if I didn’t do it now.


How did you prepare?

I prepared for my marathon by taking long runs at parks and on running trails. I also did a little elevation training in Sun River, but all in all I honestly did not train as much as I should have. I would do about 1 long run each week and would do a mile every day. My mileage was about 10-15 miles a week.


Did you run alone or did you have a buddy or your dad to run with?

I did run my marathon mostly alone. Around mile 23 my good friend and runner Tyler came and ran the last 3 miles with me which was very motivating while my dad and my friends dad biked behind us.


What did you eat the day before the marathon?

Due to my sister's birthday being the day before my marathon I did not have the best food for the night before. I ate barbeque food which was hotdogs and sides. For the most part though I ate pretty healthy with a lot of carbs which included rice and pasta.


Any worries on whether you could complete the marathon?

I was not worried at all on whether or not I would complete the marathon. I knew that it would be mostly mental and that is one of my strengths as a runner. Although I wasn’t worried, My parents were they thought that I hadn’t prepared enough or trained enough for it which is mostly true. They also were concerned that a marathon might not have been the healthiest thing to do at the age of twelve.


What was the hardest part?

I would have to say that the hardest part of my marathon was about mile 20.That is where the “wall” is. It was very painful but I knew that I was on track to go under 4 hours so I kept going( and I did go under 4 hours with a time of 3 hours 55 minutes and 4 seconds).


How about the best part?

I would have to say that the best part of my marathon was either the strawberry shortcake at the end or the sense of accomplishment I got from completing it.(The strawberry shortcake was very good after running 26.2 miles.


How do you answer people who think that 12 is too young to run a marathon?

They are allowed to have their opinion on it but I think that it should be up to the parents of the kid to decide whether or not they think he/she should be running a marathon.