Kid’s Xlear Nasal Spray

Darah is in preschool, which of course means that she frequently has the sniffles. I am reluctant to pump her full of medication all the time, though. So for the most part, we’ve just been trying to keep her Vitamin C intake high, and stocking up on tissues.

Recently, however, we’ve added a new tactic to our plan and it does seem to be helping a bit. It’s a product called Kid’s Xlear (pronounced “clear”). It’s an all-natural nasal spray that is safe enough for infants to take. That really makes me feel good, because as anyone with an infant will tell you, there’s precious little out there safe enough for young babies!

You may already be giving your child a nasal spray to help deal with congestion. But are you paying attention to the ingredients? Many of the ones (yes, even the ones designed for children) contain hazardous chemicals. Kid’s Xlear contains xylitol, which is what sets it apart from every other option on the market.

I didn’t know what xylitol was until I received this product to review, so if you don’t know either, let me explain. It is a white crystalline substance that is naturally occurring, and looks and tastes like sugar. When used as an ingredient in cooking, it has 40% fewer calories and does not promote tooth decay. It’s a very cool product, but what does that have to do with nasal congestion? Well, it has also been shown through studies to be extremely effective in relieving nasal discomfort. It’s also been shown to have overall health benefits to the body when ingested. For these reasons, it is being used by Kid’s Xlear to provide a safe, non-addicting, all natural product that can help with your child’s runny nose.

I have been using it with Darah. The toughest part is getting her to sit still while I administer the product. As you can imagine, a 2 year old isn’t too fond of having me put drops of liquid up her nose. I do wish the dispenser was a mister instead of a drip. But beyond that, I’ve been pleased with the results we are getting. EDIT: I just learned from the sponsor that if I squeeze the product while upright, it is, in fact, a mister! That’s great news!
Buy it!: Kid’s Xlear is available at Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe locations all over the country, and you can also purchase it online at

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