EDITOR'S NOTE: Kids Run the Nation is a program that we endorse and support here at Youth Runner Magazine. If you're a Youth Runner Program or Club and meet the criteria outlined you should jump on this opportunity for a grant. For details go here



Since 2007, the RRCA has granted a total of $70,000 to deserving youth programs around the US through the Kids Run the Nation Fund

A total of $20,000 will be awarded in 2013 in a combination of grants ranging from $500-$1,000. Running clubs, events, or other organizations with the IRS 501(c)(3) designation are eligible to apply. Elementary and middle schools that provide an organized after-school running programs are eligible as well.  No grants will be given to individuals under any circumstance.  All applicants must be an official 501(c)(3), school, parent booster club, PTA, or a similar entity.  The application deadline for a Kids Run the Nation Grant is October 1, 2013.