This is Annie winning the 2014 Women's Open 1500 meter run at the Portland Track Festival as an 8th grader - Photo by Klotz Images


EDITOR'S NOTE: We have a feature with a full interview coming up with Annie but since the Portland Track Festival is just a few days away we wanted to share this photo and the questions about the PTF with you. She will be running in the Brooks PR on June 8th in Seattle then coming down to run once again at the PTF as one of her last races as a high school senior. Then she be runnig with the Colorado Buffalos.



We first saw you run at the Portland Track Festival when you were an 8th grader running in the open women's 1500m. What can you tell us about that experience of running with the older runners.


That was the first race I had ever run with a more competitive field of more experienced and older runners.  I was excited because I knew I could get a fast time but also nervous because I'd never run in a race like that before.  It was also my first 1500m ever. Looking back, early in my competitive career, I wasn't aware of my competitors or how I was "supposed" to race, so I just ran hard and didn't overthink things. I surprised myself and won the race! I think this was the first time I saw myself as possibly having a strong future in running.  I got to meet Jordan Hasay while I was there, so that was really exciting for me. 


Was that the first time you'd been on a bigger stage outside of home?

Yes, running the 1500 at Portland Track Festival my 8th grade year was definitely my first real competitive race on a bigger stage.  Prior to that I had only done middle school races and fun runs. However, I did have very good competition locally in these races.  Bryn Morley is a very talented runner that is my age and lives in a nearby community, so we've competed often since 7th grade.  Our 8th grade year at the last track meet of the season we were poised for a fast 1600 race.  Bryn ran 4:47 and I ran 4:48!  That was my favorite and most happy memory of competing with Bryn.  It was one of those races where I was super happy to come in second place. 


Check back for the full interview with Annie and our feature in Youth Runner Magazine with her.