Here are the mini articles collected from different youth that ran in the Kappa Delta Shamrock run last year.

Running the Shamrock race was so much fun! I did not think I could do it, but with all of the support from my mom and the sweet KD girls I finished! I was sweating like a pig, but then I said 'I did it!.' I was so amazed in myself so I will definitely be running the Shamrock 5k again this spring!

Allie Hiersteiner (Age 9)

Last year's Shamrock 5k was my very first race, so I didn't really know what to expect. I wasn't even sure that I could run a 5k. However, all of the decorations and energy from the cheering Kappa Delta girls really encouraged me along the way. I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish line and the snacks waiting for me on the KD lawn were a great surprise. I can't wait to run the race again this spring and see all of the great Kappa Delta girls I met last year!

Sophie Hiersteiner (Age 11)

My older sister, Mary Laurence, has been in KD since 2007. It is always so much fun to see my sister and her friends together in a sorority which makes me want to be a KD wherever I go to college in two years. Being a cross country runner at Broughton High School I particularly enjoyed running in their annual race. It’s cool to me how they mix service, fitness, friends, and fun all together in one event. The house is always decorated greatly and they have awesome food for us to eat afterwards which is always nice. The college students I see from my home town are always welcoming and excited that I am there to run the race. I like that it isn’t as competitive as my high school races. There are definitely good runners there to race for a certain time or maybe hit a PR. There are also runners there just to have a good time and support the cause. At the finish there is always music playing which really pumps me up for a strong finish and the supports along the course are very helpful as well. I look forward to the race this year!

Lee Anna McMillan (Age 16)

If you plan on running in the Shamrock 5k run/walk this year for Kappa Delta expect the best. The atmosphere and trail for the Shamrock race is absolutely phenomenal, you get the most delightful views of the Chapel Hill campus, beginning the race at the Kappa Delta house on Franklin Street and ending right after the famous Chapel Hill water fountain. I have run the Shamrock 5k race for Kappa Delta three years in a row and the most memorable aspect of this race is that I get to meet the whole Kappa Delta community that my sister Kelly has been living with for the past three years. After the 5k is finished and people are trying to catch their breath, delicious food and drinks are served, along with a raffle!

Since my sister Kelly has been a part of the Kappa Delta community for three years in a row, she has nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Considering that I am about to go off to college myself, nothing will hold me back from joining the Kappa Delta sorority and continuing to be a part of the Shamrock 5k race in the future. Remember, just in case your ipod playlist runs out of motivational songs, there is never a shortage of Kappa Delta girls cheering you on around every corner! Mary Lynch (Age 16)