Last weekend the Junior High Cross Country teams competed in the district meet at Borger. Head Coach Jeanna May said that every runner beat their personal best time.

For the girls, Bethany Roden finished first with a time of 12:21. Georgina Silva came in ninth with a time of 13:37. 

May said none of the other girls’ runners placed but they did a great job and had fast times as well.

Megan Carroll ran a 14:31. Roscio Garcia had a run of 15:05. Stori Stribling ran 15:10. Odalys Garcis had a run of 15:23. Ive Zuniga had a time of 16:52. MacKenzie Rivera had a run of 17:17. Alyssa Zuniga ran for a time of 17:19 and Ashlen Shorter had a time of 18:08.

Kayden Burgess finished at 13:59 and Jackson Young had a time of 15:33 for the boys’ team. It was personal best times for both of them as well.

Saturday the junior high cross country teams competed in their district meet in Borger. Every runner beat their best time! Bethany Roden finished 1st with an amazing time of 12:21 and Georgina Silva came in 9th at 13:37. Even though the rest of our runners did not place, they did a great job and had fast times. Megan Carroll ran 14:31; Roscio Garcia 15:05; Stori Stribling 15:10; Odalys Garcia 15:23; Ive Zuniga 16:52; MacKenzie Rivera 17:17; Alyssa Zuniga 17:19; and Ashlen Shorter 18:08.

“What a great season we had, great job cross country,” May said.

The guys also did a great job and ran their personal best times. Kayden Burgess finished in 13:59 and Jackson Young in 15:33.