We caught up with Julian Blake-Cowan after watching him break an indoor freshman record for the 5000 meter at the Lindgren Invitational. ...with a little help from his friend...Diego Mercado who was pacing him the entire race.

YR: I know that Megan (O'Reilly...she broke the girls 5000m record) had a very special goal in her race in terms of time & you were pretty much in the same boat. Normally as a runner you do not want to let people get away but at the same time in order to get a record, it is best to stay within your self. Was that pretty much your strategy?

JBC: Well actually I kind of had a pace car. Diego (Mercado) was really helping me with that. It was not tough being up front but at the same time it was awesome.

YR: How did you feel during the race?

JBC: After the first mile I was fine but I started falling back at around two miles. I tried to stay with Diego.

YR: What did Diego do to get you going or to keep up the pace?

JBC: Umm? He was yelling at me the entire race. It was awesome!

YR: How did you like the track?

JBC: I loved the track. It is an awesome track. It was great with all the spectators around. I just loved it!

YR: It is such a nice facility especially in terms of what I'm used to from the 'old days.  What are your goals now?

JBC: Keep training & use this track season to feel good.

YR: How did you feel about your cross country season?

JBC: I got 45th at State - top freshman. It was great.

YR: Well the good news too is - in terms of place you should expect a progression as far as place goes: you should go from 40 to 20 to top ten & then who knows. Hopefully we'll be seeing you at Footlocker down the road.

JBC: Yes that's a goal.

YR: Well, for now it was a nice race with your goal met - good luck in the future.

JBC Thank you.