High School JROTC and College ROTC Cadets Attempt to Break a Guinness World Record


Be Part of Breaking a World Record: Run Simultaneously with 1,100 colleges and high schools, 130,000+ runners, 47 states, and 9 countries – All while supporting the US Military. Now that is a 5K FUN run!


It’s not often that you get a chance to change the world, but with JROTC, it’s just another day.


JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps. It is a military-supported high school program whose purpose is to educate high school students in leadership roles while making them aware of the benefits of active citizenship. The JROTC curriculum emphasizes academics, citizenship, character development, leadership skills, physical fitness, and community service.


On April 23rd, these future leaders are, once again, going beyond all expectations to break a Guinness World Record for the “Most Participants in a 5K Run (multi-locations)”. Record is currently held by Humana Hospitals in the United Kingdom – but these kids are sure we can beat that.  As part of a worldwide commemoration of the JROTC’s 100th Anniversary, high schools and colleges around the world will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of JROTC by hosting individual locations of the largest run in military history. The Fun Run will be held worldwide on April 23, 2016, with local events sponsored by JROTC high school and ROTC college units across the globe.


Here’s the catch: in order to run worldwide simultaneously, some teams will begin their 5K at such odd times as 8PM or 2AM! The Fun Run is a unique event that allows participants around the world to run together, with each time zone’s start time synchronized to 3:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time – 1500 hours, in military terms. Notable national locations include Tampa, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Fort Dix, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Honolulu, Anchorage, St. Louis, and Las Vegas. International runs are happening as far away as Vicenza, Italy; Lakenheath, UK; Yigo, Guam; Daegu, Korea; Wiesbaden, Germany; and San Juan, Puerto Rico – just to name a few of over 1,100 locations!


A simultaneous start time also allows the units to connect through technology and to be able to view locations worldwide in order to truly appreciate the scope and magnitude of this event. Participants can also view the Fun Run from other locations by browsing and contributing to the event hashtag #JROTCFunRun.


Registration is open now and the public is invited to participate to support ROTC/JROTC and help the Cadets break the world record. Additionally, all JROTC and ROTC alumni are encouraged to join the event, either as participants or volunteers. ​While registration for JROTC cadets is free, all other registrants (guests, community members, and alumni) will be charged only $24, which includes a 100th Anniversary commemorative T-Shirt and a Centennial Certificate of Participation, available exclusively through College Options Foundation®.


To register, please visit www.Active.com and search “JROTC 100th” near you and visit www.JROTCanniversary.com for more information. There are over 1,100 colleges and high schools already hosting a local Fun Run, so grab your sneakers and get training!