Hi everyone, this is Jordynn, and this week’s workouts went well. Some challenges and a lot of learning.

Also, no competitions!


Day 1: 


Started my week with 6-mile long run (45 minutes) and strength training. I felt pretty good during my run. Continued to focus on staying tall, relaxed & easy breathing. 


Strength training was fun and challenging! Mainly working lower body, core, shoulders and back. Also did some agility work and box jumps.



Day 2:


This was my first workout doing repeat 400s of the year, so I was a little nervous on how I would do? I had 4x 400s and needed to hit 1:15 each one. My little brother started about 75 meters ahead of me and I would chase him down! I ended up running 1:11-1:12 each one! I was so excited about my times and how hard I worked to do it. I finished the workout with a 1200m run and that was tough. I was hoping for 43 seconds every 200m but was more like 45-46 second splits.




Cade and I after 400's




Day 3: 


This was my recovery run day, with a long warm up that focused on running form.


My warm-up was tough because I did most of it with my WearBands to make it harder. This warm-up took about 35 minutes to finish. I was pretty tired by the time I got to my run. I thought the run would be tough but I felt pretty good.



Day 4: 


Speed day! I was able to practice with the Eagles Elite Track Club. This was great because I was able to run next to some great athletes and get pushed on my runs.  Started with a fast pace 600m. I was the only one to run the 600m, while others ran 400m and 500m.  I felt great the first 200m, but I also think I went out too fast. I went kind of flat the last 400m. I know to control my excitement and run more balanced for the next time. Finished up with 4x 150s. I felt I was starting off strong for the first 50m. I feel I could’ve stayed stronger to end each run. With running this with other sprinters, it showed me what I need to work on and how fast others are that I’ll be competing against. 



Strength Training:


My 2nd day of strength training was more full body focused. I feel like I trained every muscle! I didn’t do any weights during this session. We did all body weight, bands and used the TRX. 





Finished the week with a trip to the chiropractor. I got adjusted, did some muscle stimulation and heat treatment. There has been some nice improvement with my hips and pelvis. I finished up with leg compression therapy. I always feel so refreshed after my visits! 


Leg compression therapy 



Muscle stimulation and heat therapy 




I would’ve hoped for a stronger week of training. But I did learn a lot about myself and I picked up some things from others. 


My dad always tells me to trust my process, not others and it’s a long road ahead.