Hi everyone, it’s Jordynn!

I had great week of training and I was the overall female winner at the Texas Rangers 5k!



Jordynn detailing her workout in her run journal

Day 1:

On Sunday I woke up early to get my workout in. I usually do long runs on Sunday’s but today was changed up a bit. I still got 6 miles of work in but 3 of those miles were broken up into repeat 1600m runs with very short rest . I felt strong during my 1st set, finishing in 5:53. On my 2nd set, I came in at 6:03 and 3rd at 6:01. On the last 2 sets, I didn’t go out as fast and controlled my pace. The goal wasn’t to go fast but just pass uncomfortable, which is my threshold pace.

After my workout, we headed to the gym for strength training. I mainly focused on full body exercises, all with my WearBands on to add difficulty. I also worked a lot on balance using the foam pad and bosu ball.

Jordynn using the foam pad

Day 2:

Monday was my speed endurance day, which I did 6x 200m sprints with short rest. My splits were 32, 33, 34, 33, 33, 32. I was proud because the last time I did this workout I averaged around 34-35 seconds each. I had a running partner that also helped a lot with running faster! Overall, I had a pretty good workout.



Jordynn running repeat 200s

Day 3:

Wednesday was my next quality run day. The main part of the workout was 8x 200m hill runs with jog recovery. On those runs I averaged 38-39 seconds each and my last one ended up running 35 seconds. I focused on controlled breathing and proper form. And had to push hard to make my time as the hill steepened.




Jordynn doing some hill runs

Day 4:

Scheduled track meet for Saturday was cancelled because of rain so ended up running the Texas Rangers 5k race on Sunday. It was very cold out, but it didn’t bother me too much during my run. But my legs ended up tightening up as there were some tough hills during the race. I’m always working on form and breathing, but those both broke down a bit towards the end of the race.

But overall a great run, as I was the overall female winner, again! This time I was awarded a cool plaque and received 4 game tickets to sit with my family in a suite. I’ll always be part of the pre-game ceremony!

I’m very proud of myself this week! I trained hard, improved my times during training and won a 5k race!

Overall Femail 2019 at the Texas Rangers 5K




With Youth Runner Bryan Hailey after the 5k race. Bryan ran another great time and finished 1st in his age group and 2nd overall!


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