Hi guys, this is Jordynn! This was a different week for me because I was preparing for middle school district championships which was being held mid week and I got a chance to watch the Texas Relays in Austin, TX.


Day 1

I started off the week with some speed endurance training. I did 200m sprints repeats and ran faster and more consistent than I would’ve thought because I was fresh off a 5k race and no training partner. My goal is always to hit my goal time or split. I was excited to be able to stay consistent between 34-35 seconds with very limited recovery. I ended with a 1000m Vo2 max run. I was able to hit every 200m split goal. I had to really push and focus as I could start to feel my legs get heavy after the speed work.

Day 2

The following day, I just completed my warm up routine and a 15-minute recovery run. Finished with some stretches and my foam rolling routine.

Day 3

I had a follow up visit with my chiropractor. They noticed that my hips were a bit off and pelvis was rotated inward. While running, it was causing me to lean forward. Also, did some muscle stimulation and heat treatment. Finished with leg compression therapy. I felt pretty good and refreshed after treatment. Will have to go consistently to keep things right.

Day 4

The first day of Middle School District Championships, I ran the 2400m race. I was pretty confident and excited going into this race. But it ended up being more challenging than expected because of the wind. It was blowing pretty hard. I was first down on myself but later my dad told that I looked strong, was working hard the entire race and I won the championship!



Day 5

On the final day of districts championships, I ran the 800m and 1600m races. I was more prepared for these races mentally and ready for the wind. My dad helped me with a new strategy to run it and told me not to worry about my time.

I focused mainly on staying tall, keeping my hands low and controlling my breathing. I was able to win both championship races and able to finish strong during each race.





Pretty cool to start middle school in Texas and be the Southwest District Champion in the 800m, 1600m and 2400m!!

Texas Relays, Austin TX

Finished up the week with attending the Texas Relays! Great chance for me to see some great athletes compete! Some great highlights was watching sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson from LSU win the 100m, she’s so fast! The Baylor women’s team winning the 4x800m title and I got a chance to spend some time with Aaliyah Miller. Also getting to see the DeSoto High School girl’s 4x400 team winning who now have the number one time in the US. So cool to see them run and know that I may be going to that high school in a couple of years.

With the US #1 4x4 team from DeSoto High School


With LSU Sprint Star Sha’Carri Richardson


With Baylor’s Aaliyah Miller part of the 4x800 team

It’s exciting to know if I keep working hard that I can one day be competing in big and exciting track meets like the Texas Relays!

Now it’s time to start preparing for the summer track season!




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