Hi everyone, it’s me Jordynn! 


I had an tough week of training and finished it off with running my first 800m race at the Track Dynamite Invitational.


Day 1:


Instead of completing a long run, the core of my workout was 4x 1600m intervals with very short recovery. Total mileage for the day was just over 6 miles. The first one was at 6:06, faster than what I was expecting. But I was consistent with hitting my splits. Next 3 were at 6:05, 6:07 and 6:06. These runs were very tough, but I still pushed through to make my times.



Day 2:  

On this day I worked on transitional speed. Which should help me when running my distance races. I had 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m and a 100m accelerations with jog recovery. This is the 2nd time I’ve done this workout and it’s still very tough for me. But this time my legs felt heavy and my dad told me that I didn’t have a lot of knee drive. I will need to continue working on speed transition. This is new for me as I didn’t do it at all last year.

I then went into a 1000m run at 3:34. I was  trying to hit 2:40 through the 1st 800m but I was way off. I was able to finish strong because Coach Stixx jump along side of me and pushed me through.



I was happy to be able to go to one of my favorite sushi restaurants after my training. I tried the Dancing Ebi Roll for the first time. It’s made with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, crab meat topped with shrimp, avocado, mango and masago. 



Day 3: 

I worked on speed endurance on this day and I had a partner to complete it with me. The base of the workout was 2 sets of 4x 200m. 

My first set of 200’s were at 32, 35, 33, 33. I wasn’t happy about the 35 and my form was off. I feel I wasn’t focused on that run. The 2nd set was at 32, 34, 33, 33. These were tough because of the short rest. I’m still getting used to going faster and holding my form. Breathing properly on the faster runs has also been a challenge.

Finished up the day with a 2.5 mile tempo run.



Track Dynamite Invitational:

Today wasn’t a great day for me, running the 800m with a time of 2:32. I would’ve liked to hit at least 2:24, but my splits were off and I didn’t have much of a kick. 

My first lap was a 1:13 when it should’ve been at at least 1:08, so that is something I will work on in the future. I am disappointed with my time and I feel I wasn’t mentally prepared. I know I’ll improve and better prepare myself the next time out.





With my legs being heavy most of the week, I will focus more on rest and recovery time. With entering a new phase of training, it has really made my legs more sore than usual.



I will focus more on how much water I’m drinking throughout the week, track everything I’m eating (eat the right foods), stretching and foam roll daily and ensuring I get more sleep!


Atlanta Georgia Relays!

I’ll be going to compete in the Atlanta Georgia Relays next weekend! I’m super excited to compete against some great national and international athletes! This will also be the first time I visit Atlanta. Looking forward to seeing runners like Athing Mu compete and finally meeting Youth Runner D’Asia Duncan. Also, hoping to do and see some cool things while I’m there.





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