Hi everyone it’s Jordynn


This week I will be talking about my week of training and my 800m run at the USATF Association Championship.


Day 1:


Monday I worked speed endurance with 2 sets of 6x 200m runs with very short recovery. On the first set I started out at a 31 and then averaged 33 seconds on the last 5. I mainly focused on pumping my arms the whole way through, so I can bring that on to my races. 



On the second set I started at a 32 and was at a 34-35 for the rest. The second set was much harder, but I still managed to push through. I had a training partner for this workout so it made my runs more consistent.



After my 200’s I ran a threshold 1000m, running a 3:34. The plan was to average 45 seconds every 200m, but I averaged around 43 seconds. Overall I am proud of this workout because I was able to hit all my splits and maintain my form. 



Day 2: 

Tuesday was more of a conditioning and acceleration run day. Running around 3 miles containing a 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m and a 100m run, all with jogs in between.



This was my 3rd time doing this workout, and the best. I hit all of my splits while it was very hot, around 92°. I focused again in form, staying relaxed and breathing properly.




Day 3:


On Wednesday, I completed 800m breakdown runs. I did 3 sets of a 600m run, short recovery and sprint 200m.
On my 600’s I was at 2:00, 1:59 and a 2:03. I averaged a 36-37 on my 200m sprints. 


Finished up with 400 repeats with short recovery. I was at 1:18, 1:21, 1:22 and 1:21. Mentally, I could’ve been more checked in on this workout and improved some things during.



USATF Association Championship:


On Saturday, I ran the 800m run at the USATF Association Championship. My time was a 2:28 with running against some strong winds. 


I’m still getting used to running the 800m race. But I was happy to finally drop my time to a 2:28. I know I can go a lot faster and hopefully I get the chance before the season is over.


I was considering running the 1500m race, but last minute I decided to just get work with the 800m. I don’t always like running the same events over and over again. And this was a good day to run a race I haven’t done that much. It was also some great runners competing!


Last straightaway of the 800m race.


With Coach Stixx, on my way to do my cool down.


I’m down to the last few meets of the season with AAU Regionals coming up this weekend. I will be working hard to run for personal best in all my events!





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