Hi everyone! It’s Jordynn!


Today I will be talking about my week of training and preparing for the AAU National Qualifier this past weekend and winning the 3000m Regional Championship! 


Day 1:


I had a chance to workout with a few girls. Great to have workout partners so we can all push each other. We started the workout with running a 600m run and I came around at 1:55. I really focused on going out strong, holding my pace and swinging my arms. We then went in 2x 400m runs, with times of 1:15 and 1:13. I broke form on the first 400, I corrected my mistake and came in 2 seconds faster on the next one. We finished up the workout with 4 200s at 800 pace. I ran consistently and comfortable on each one.


Day 2:


I worked out with Coach Stixx and worked on speed, form and acceleration. I’m starting to feel more comfortable going fast and changing speeds. I worked hard on going out fast and having a strong kick on the last 30m. I still need some work with consistency but I feel I’m headed in the right direction. I finished up with a 1x 1000m run and running a time of 3:31, which is about 3 seconds faster than the previous time I ran it. I focused on keeping my arms locked and staying comfortable the whole time. 



Day 3:


I was able to train again with some runners from the Eagles Elite Track Club. We did 4x400m runs. This was exciting because it was my first time being able to do this type of workout with partners, this season. I ran all of them between 1:08-1:09. I knew in order to make those times I had to get off fast the first 200m and keep my form and push through on the last half. 


I finished up with 2 1600m runs, which were at 6:09, and 6:17. I had a big drop off in times because I went too fast on the first 1600m run.






Saturday was my first day at the AAU National Qualifier meet in Abilene, TX. We got to the track at around 5:30am, and ran the 1500m run at 7am. I went in confident and motivated. My goal was to run under 5 minutes and I did by running 4:57. I was very proud of myself and will keep working hard to drop even more for Junior Olympics.








I ran the 3000m race on Sunday and I ran another personal best time of 10:40. I stayed comfortable for the first mile, then I knew I had to make a move in order to get the time I needed to get. I had a couple of laps where I dropped off a little too much, so now I know if I correct that I can drop my time a few seconds more. 

I had a short break and had to run the 800m. I ran a strong first lap but after running the 3000m, I just didn’t have the strength to run a strong 2nd lap. Finished with a time of 2:31. I was hoping to at least run under 2:30 and I probably could have if I finished strong. 





Overall, a great weekend! I’m proud of the way I competed and know I can still do even better!


With my brother Cade who qualified for the 800m & 1500m races and Bryan Hailey who qualified for the 800m, 1500m & 3000m races!




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