Hi everyone, it’s Jordynn and this was a challenging week of training

as the intensity increased but I was able to get more rest and recovery time with not having to compete this weekend!



Middle School Sports Banquet:

During the week, I attended my schools sports banquet. It was great to see all the athletes recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. I was also awarded the 7th Grade Runner of the Year award! So cool to be awarded this by my coaches. 

Jordynn after receiving the Runner of the Year award


Easy strides after my recovery run


Day 1:

I completed my long run which was a mixture of track and trail running. I felt really smooth during the first 4 miles, running a 7:10 mile pace. Ended the run on a trail and dropped to about a 7:40 mile pace because of the hills. The trail running really forces me to focus on running with proper form as I become more tired and when I’m faced with the difficult parts of the trail.


Jordynn working on form


Day 2: 

I’m still working hard to be more comfortable and smooth when running fast. Today, I had repeat 200s with short rest. As usual, my focus was staying tall, breathing and striking the ground with the balls of my feet and not my heels. I was between high 32 seconds to low 34 seconds on each one. I didn’t feel 100% comfortable during these and felt my hands not pumping correctly and felt my shoulders coming up high.


Start of her 200m run



Completion of her workout


Day 3: 

I worked out with Coach Lacy and Coach Stixx from True Buzz Track Club. First part of the workout was running a 400m, 300m, 250m, 200m, 100m with jog recoveries. My goal was to be be able change speeds with being able to hold it and stay comfortable. This was my second time competing this workout and felt a lot more comfortable doing and felt I completed it better than my first time around. Finished up the training with 3x 300m runs with times of 52, 56 and 55. 

This week of training will definitely help me with my upcoming meets!



Jordynn, little brother Cade & Coach Stixx