Hi everyone, it’s me, Jordynn!

I had a great week of training and traveled to compete in the Atlanta Georgia Relays!


Day 1:

The core of the training was a 400m, 300m, 250m, 200m, 150m, and a 100m all with recovery jogs. 

3x 300m runs at 55 seconds, 59 seconds and 60 seconds. 

These were all tough because of the jog recovery. I try to maintain a strong and purposeful recovery jog to challenge myself and add difficulty. I learned early on not to cheat myself on the recovery.

Overall, very tough workout! The wind added extra difficulty to the run so I wasn’t hitting times I wanted but I still got a great workout in.




Day 2:

On this day, I worked on speed endurance by completing 2 sets of 4x 200m runs, with short recovery. On my first set, I wasn’t swinging my arms properly and was running tight. I worked on correcting those things on my second set but still need a lot of work. 

Finished up with a tempo run. I found it to be pretty hard to do a tempo run after speed endurance training. And on this day, it was even harder because of the strong wind. So my focus stayed on my form, breathing and staying relaxed throughout.

Rest & Recovery:

I had a couple days of rest before I traveled for the meet in Atlanta, GA. 



I made a trip to the chiropractor for an adjustment and heat therapy. Back in March, I had one side of my hip rotated inward. With consistent treatment, it has been improving.


I also made a trip for a Cryotherapy session.




And daily I use my leg compression boots.



Atlanta Georgia Relays Press Conference:

On Friday, I was able to attend the AGR Press Conference. This was a great event where I was able listen to the 11 athlete panel made up of olympians, professional runners, masters athletes and youth athletes (National & International). There was also a handful of guest speakers. Each athlete spoke about their journey or accomplishment through the sport. I was able to meet a lot of great people. I’m really happy I was able to attend. 

I’m hoping I’m able to attend and be part of the event next year!


With Daniela Farias from Argentina


With Team Trinidad & Tobago


 With Asha Ruth


With Makayla Lewis from Bahamas


With Olympian Ashley from British Virgin Islands



With USA Masters athletes




Atlanta Georgia Relays:


On Saturday morning, I ran the 1500m race. I finished 3rd with a time of 5:06. I was hoping to run a little faster but I’m ok with it being it’s still very early in the season. 

I didn’t follow my race strategy from the beginning of the race, which put me in some tough spots early in the race. I was still able to be in a good spot towards the end of the race but I just didn’t have a kick and went from 1st to 3rd.

I didn’t end up running the 800m because of sore and heavy legs. So I ended up rushing back to the hotel for an ice bath and leg compression therapy.







On Sunday morning, I ran the 3000m and I finished 1st with a time of 10:57. It wasn’t my best time of the season but happy with my performance. I stayed with my race plan and improved with holding my form and staying relaxed. 






Running in the Atlanta heat will prepare me for the summer heat and competition. It was a challenge on both days that I wasn’t prepared for but was up for the challenge. 


With 2 great masters runners that I competed with in the 3000m race


With D’Asia Duncan


Overall, a great meet with a lot of energy and great talent! It was so cool seeing so many great performance across all levels. My favorite was the 400m showcase with watching Athing Mu run for a win and Sarah Marshall winning the 100m, 200m & 400m races!


With Athing Mu. Great meeting her and seeing her run. She’s a great athlete and even better person. Also thankful that her coach gave me some motivating words, thanks Coach Bernice!



With Tamari Davis who won the showcase 100m & 200m races. 


With Kevona Davis from Jamaica. She such a fast and strong runner!



With Sidney Harris. She’s a great runner and champion, along with all her sisters!



I hope to return next year. #AGR2020




Happy Memorial Day!