Hi everyone, it’s Jordynn!


It’s was a great start of the month with getting into a new phase of training and bouncing back strong at the Texas Faces Classic Track Meet at DeSoto High School.




Texas Rangers Pre-game Ceremony:


In early April, I was the overall female winner at the Texas Rangers 5k race. Earlier this week, I was recognized with other category winners during a pre-game ceremony. It was really cool being on the field and hearing the announcer call out my name in front of a lot a baseball fans. 



On the field before the Rangers game 


The Recognition Ceremony



I started with 500m, 400m, 300m 200m & 100m fast pace runs with jog recovery. I was focusing on breathing and accelerating. I wasn’t able to hold my speed for the entire run. When switching from the jog to run, I wasn’t holding the faster pace. Finished up with 3x 90m acceleration run. I felt a lot stronger & smoother during the accelerations.


Jordynn doing speed work 



On this day, I had a tough hill workout. It was about 200m strides up the hill with 200 jog recovery. I worked on changing speeds at different points of the run up the hill. Finished up with 60m strides up the hill with jog recovery. I used my wearbands to make it more difficult but ended up being too hard. My legs were pretty much done during these but I still pushed through. I had to do some extra cool down exercises after the hill work because of the soreness.


Jordynn doing hill runs


Rest & Recovery:

I spent more time recovering the last couple of weeks. I’ve been to chiropractor and he told me I’m looking at lot better with my hips and pelvis. Also, did cryotherapy. I felt really refreshed after that session. Best of all, is being able to use my Normatec compression boots several times a week now. But nothing beats sleep! I’ve been getting to bed early and getting more rest on weekends. 



Cryotherapy session 


Getting treatment from my chiropractor 



I ran at the Texas Faces Classic at Desoto High School and running the 400m and the 1500m. I was pretty excited to run at Desoto HS for the first time because of the great things the team does there on a National level. I ran for a personal best in the 400m for the first time in 2 years. Dropping 3-4 seconds to a 1:03. I’m pretty excited because I’ve been working hard to improve my speed this season. Later that day I ran the 1500, which was a big improvement from my 5:27 the previous weekend. I was proud of this time because it’s a only a few seconds off of my personal best. I’m proud of that time because it’s just a few seconds off my personal best and I know I’m getting stronger and will keep working to get better. Today my form looked a lot better, I wasn’t crossing over as much and I kept my shoulders down. 



During the 1500m race 


Watch the 1500m


Jordynn's 400m



My brother and I, after the meet.