Hi everyone, it’s Jordynn!


After a busy and exciting week in Atlanta, I was back to a normal week of school, training and recovery. 


Day 1:

First day back from training was a ladder workout. Starting at 1200m and working down. I definitely could’ve done better on this workout. I wasn’t mentally prepared and struggled from the beginning. I wasn’t focused on my breathing and my form started to break down. 


Me trying to catch my breath before the next run



Day 2:

I came into this workout more focused and ready. I did a much better job checking in and I was hitting all my splits. So a lot better than the day before.


Started off with 4x 400m with time between 1:16-1:17, 2x 600m with both at 2:01 and 4x 300m runs with times between 56-58secs. All done with short recovery and I was focused on maintaining a consistent pace, spinning my legs in front and swinging my arms.

I was proud of this workout and I feel as if all my workouts should be at this intensity. 





Day 3:

The last workout of the week started off with 2 sets of 4 90m accelerations. I was able to have my workout with Coach Stixx, who was helping me keep proper mechanics and pushing me hard. Still working on being comfortable going fast. 







Finished up the workout with long hill runs. Always feel I’m becoming stronger with these runs. 





This week of workouts were definitely hard, but I still managed to get through them. Next week I will make sure I am mentally prepared so I can have a better week!

I’m excited that summer break has officially started! I finished off the year as a honor roll student. I have some big meets coming up over the next month and looking forward to competing against some great runners and gaining experience!


#believe #trainhard