Beaverton, Oregon
Fri. May 1, 2009

The rain held off on Friday making it easier on the fans and athletes but a stiff wind posed a variety of problems for the runners. In the girls’ 100 meter run, which was the high-light of the evening Kellie Schueler of Summit defeated Kayla Smith of Benson with a very fine time of 11.68. Unfortunately the stiff wind at their backs negated an official record attempt as Schueler, the defending 5A champion, edged Smith, the defending 6A champion. It is most unfortunate that they will not meet at the State level but the bloated final for the state will prevent a classic showdown. Still in spite of the wind it was an event to be savored with the shooting star from Summit getting off to a slow start but coming on strong at the end. The race, however short, was reminiscent of he patented kick, when she races during the cross country season. Schueler also contributed a strong 800 meter leg, an event we’ve waited for her to race all season, in Summit’s victorious 4 by 800 meter relay: another event that will sadly be missing at state. In that 3200 meter relay the girl’s of South Eugene defeated host Jesuit to place 2nd in a time of 9:34.74 to 9:51.42. The guys from Jackson claimed the male version of the relay with a time of 8:09.8 to defeat South Eugene & Jesuit.

With the exception of the girl’s 100 M probably the most anticipated match-ups were in the 1500 meter runs for both sexes. Nathan Mathabane won his race defeating Elliott of Jantzer of Phoenix as Patrick Maag of Jesuit & Sammy Kirtner of South Eugene placed 3rd & 4th. The winning time of 3:55 was a fine one, when one considers the hostile wind. The wind impacted the girl’s times as well but Annamarie Maag of Jesuit & Alyssa O’ Connor of Summit both had impressive times with the Jesuit star taking the laurels this day. Paige Kouba of South Eugene & Hayley Ney of Catlin Gable were not far behind in 3rd & 4th.

Amira Joseph of Jesuit & Sarah Overson of Westview waged a battle for most of the race, but Joseph drew away with 800 meters to go to triumph with a time of 10:50.01. Adrian Unkeles of Lincoln & Connor Frederickson of Jackson staged an exciting finish that saw Unkeles nip his rival by less than a second. Other events of note saw Jesuit defeat the St. Mary’s girls in the distance medley, while Lincoln defeated Jackson for the boys’ title. Lexi Ross of Lakeridge had a fine toss of 152-10 in the javelin to defeat her team mate Andrea Hopkins by five feet. Alyssa Hasslen heaved the discus 140-3 to win that event. Although not her pr this year that mark would still place her 2nd in the state this year.

Girls 3000 Meters 1 Amira Joseph 10:50.01a Jesuit 2 Sarah Overson 11:00.39a Westview 3 Hilary Sharpe 11:16.17a Summit 4 Nora Helfand 11:18.74a St. Mary’s Academy 5 Imogene Kane 11:38.04a Lincoln 6 Laurel Roberts 11:41.78a Lincoln 7 Kaitlin Reese 12:01.85a Jackson 8 Elise Taylor 12:02.35a Jacksson 9 Alicia Desmaris 12:04.95a Jackson 10 Stephanie Houck 12:18.68a Jackson

Boys 3000 Meters 1 Adrian Unkeles 9:08.06a Lincoln 2 Connor Frederickson 9:08.87a Jackson 3 Curan Carlile 9:17.24a Catlin Gable 4 Peter Slauson 9:27.85a Central Catholic 5 Nicholas Schonewald 9:32.17a Jackson 6 Jason Hodge 9:33.54a Jesuit 7 Josue Rodriguez 9:35.28a Sprague 8 Connor Mathews 9:36.35a Jesuit 9 David Leavy 9:42.26a Jesuit 10 Nicholas Calacat 9:45.36a Jackson

Girls 100 Meters 1 Kellie Schueler 11.68a Summit 2 Kayla Smith 11.77a Benson 3 Ashante Horsley 12.23a McMinnville 4 Arlisha Davis 12.27a Lincoln 5 BryAnne Wochnick 12.43a Catlin Gable

Boys 100 Meters 1 Mitchell Fry 10.91a Jesuit 2 Josh Jansen 10.94a Central Catholic 3 3 Jarred Franklin 11.19a McMinnville 4 Beethy Nvambo 11.22a Sunset 5 Imeh Archibong 11.31a Aloha

Girls 1500 Meters 1 Annamarie Maag 4:38.63a Jesuit 2 Alyssa O’ Connor 4:41.52a Summit 3 Paige Kouba 4:42.10a South Eugene 4 Hayley Ney 4:43.07 Catlin Gable 5 Amber Rozcicha 4:44.80a Newberg 6 Payton Schutte 4:45.20a Jesuit 7 Emily Wheeler 4:46.32a Tualatin 8 Alison Ponce 4:46.70a Jackson 9 Laurel Lloyd 4:47.52a Hood River 10 Betsy Kolberg 4:48.47a Lincoln 11 Noelle VanRysselberghe 4:50.17a Jesuit 12 Chloe Steinbeck 4:50.54a South Ridge 13 Erin McLaughlin 4:50.78a Milwaulie 14 Megan Fristoe 4:51.23a Summit 15 Alexa Kearns 4:51.24a St Mary’s Academy 16 Alicia Doohan 4:51.79a Gonzaga Prep 17 Luaren Graebner 4:51.89a South Eugene 18 Erin Jones 4:53.93a Hood River 19 Cclaire Hagler 4:54.71a Jesuit

Boys 1500 Meters 1 Nathan Mathabane 3:55.88a Lincoln 2 Elliott Jantzer 3:59.21a Phoenix 3 Patrick Maag 4:00.58a Jesuit 4 Sammy Kirtner 4:01.45a South Eugene 5 Tate Kelly 4:03.86a Gonzaga Prep 6 Ben Lance 4:04.28a Jackson 7 Ben Demaree 4:06.00a Jesuit 8 Christian Burger 4:06.41a Jesuit 9 Tim Costin 4:06.51a Springfield 10 Derek Woolsey 4:06.83a Jackson 11 Alex Emberlin 4:14.31a Westview 12 Kevin Pearson 4:14.42a Lakeridge 13 Michell Briggs 4:14.46a Jackson 14 Alex Anderson 4:16.77a Lakeridge 15 Cullen Wannarka 4:19.23a West Linn 16 Jason Waldram 4:21.42a Aloha

Girls 4 by 100 Boys 4 by 100 Meters 1 Lincoln 47.69 Jesuit 42.98 2 Jesuit 48.73 CentralCatholic 43.19 3 Sandy 49.61 Summit 43.73

Girls 4 by 200 Boys 4 by 200 Meters 1 Lincoln 1:43.59 Jesuit 1:30.77 2 Sandy 1:45.21 Aloha 1:31.40 3 Central Catholic 1:45.24 Central-Catholic1:32.58

Girls 4 by 400 Boys 4 by 400 Meters 1 Benson 4:00.94 Jesuit 3:27.02 2 Jesuit 4:02.26 Summit 3:27.28 3 Lakeridge 4:02.38 Aloha 3:28.50

Girls 4 by 800 Boys 4 by 800 Meters 1 Summit 9:31.14 Jackson 8:09.89 2 South Eugene 9:34.74 South Eugene 8:15.50 3 Jesuit 9:41.42 Jesuit 8:27.18

Girls Distance Medley Boys Dis' Medley 1 Jesuit 12:31.37 Lincoln 10:35.65 2 St Mary’s Academy 13:00.25 Jackson 10:38.00 3 Jackson 13:04.62 Sunset 10:50.2