Week of the 23rd-1st

Monday: Today was not a good day. There is no other good way to put it. We had parent teacher conferences today. So we got out of school an hour early, which was good. Right away I had a dentist appointment so I could not run after school. My dentist appointment took a long time. By the time I was home it was 4:30 already. If I started running it would have been dark. I decided to just go to the ymca a little later. I ran on the treadmill, something I hate so much. I only ran 4 miles because my shins hurt (treadmills always do that). I only ran at like a 6:58 minute mile pace, but it seemed like I was doing 6:30. I hated it.

Tuesday: My dad left for Portland Oregon today. He needed to train someone for a job. That was not good, that means that a ride home becomes more scarce. I only had till 3:50 and our school gets out at 3:00. By the time I got to the locker room changed and had my watch get location. It was already 3:20, so I went for a quick 3 mile run. Than I changed as quick as I could. This was not a good way to start off my week.

Wednesday: Yet again I was out of a ride. I decided to just give my backpack and other things to my brother and run home. I wanted to run longer to make up for the last couple of days. I decided to do 8 today. I did a route I have never done before, it was fun really. It did not even feel like 8 miles. I felt perfect the whole way though, running a pretty good pace. I ended up doing 8.25 miles at a 6:48 minute mile pace. That is very good, I could not believe how fast I had ran. I am in shape for track season. I can’t wait.

Thursday: I wanted to do one more workout before track season. I decided today would be the day. I did 300 meter sprints, with 4 minutes rest. I was only going to do 4-6 because it was quite cold. I did not want to be outside so long. The workout went well, I felt pretty good. My quads were sore because at some points there was snow on the track. So running through that made them sore. I did a 1 mile warm up and then a 1.5 mile cool down. I logged it as a 5 mile day.

Friday: It was beautiful today. The sun was shining, it was above 0 degrees. I could not wait to run. We ran a new route. Since it was so nice we decided to try something new. The first 3 miles of our route was just hill after hill, my legs could not get a break. The next 3 were so flat and calm. It almost felt like I was not running. I felt amazing. We ended up doing just over 6 at a pace of 6:49. So we were running pretty fast. That was good, especially with so many hills. I was in good shape for track.

Saturday: It was not a good day. I forgot my running shoes at school. Which would not always be bad I would just use my old ones. Well my old ones were at school also, because I use those for lifting and other workouts so I just leave them there. I ended up using my 2 times old running shoes. It was a disaster. I fell down a hill, my shins felt like they were broken, and my pace was horrible. I only ran 3.8 miles because my shins hurt so bad. It was because of the shoes. I am never going to do that again. I ran a pace of 7:18 because my shins hurt so bad. I didn’t mind all that much though it was just an end of the week recovery run. So I was fine.

Sunday: One week and one day till track. I can’t wait. I decided to take the day off from running. I had a basketball game so I would get some exercise that way.