Decembe 21st- December 27th

Monday: Today I started running, and my knee hurt really bad. It started to get better at about a half mile in, but up until their. It was changing my form, my knee hurt so bad. I decided I would go to the trainer if she was still at school. She was not, so I decided that I would do that tomorrow. Otherwise I had a 6 mile run, with strides. I ended up not doing the strides because of my knee. Besides my knee, the 6 miles was nice.


Tuesday: We had our track meeting today. Track season is closer than I thought. Which is good because I want to race. After that I went into the trainer and she said I had IT band syndrome. I asked her if it could be anything else and she said maybe an IT band strain. I think it is the strain not the syndrome. After that I went on a 8 mile run. Again my knee hurt for the first half mile, then got better. When I got back, she told me my rehab plan. It was after every workout I would ice, I would do these hip/IT band/ glute stretches twice a day, also I had to roll out a lot.


Wednesday: After just one day of rehab I felt my knee getting a little better. It didn’t hurt as bad when I started running, and it got to points in my run when I wouldn’t feel it at all. So I could definitely see progress. Also today was the last day of school until winter break. I needed winter break, I love sleeping in. Otherwise I ran 6 miles and felt fine. I am also trying to avoid hills when I run, because that seems to bother my knee. So it’s been hard trying to find routes without a hill in it.


Thursday: Today I had off. It was Christmas Eve. I still did my normal rehab.


Friday: It was Christmas. My family does all of our stuff on Christmas Eve, so I had all day to do whatever. I decided since my knee felt pretty good that I would do my long run for the week. I started running and barely felt my knee. It was great. I ran 10 miles, I felt okay. I had times when I just wanted to stop, and others when I picked it up and felt great. I ran an old route I haven’t ran in a while, so that kept me motivated to keep going! I ended up running the 10 at a 6:55 pace which I was really pleased with.


Saturday: I was really sore today. Especially my calves. I ran 6 miles, but I didn’t feel good and it was hard for me to keep a pace. It was not a good run. It was raining a lot too, very cold rain. So it was not pleasant either. I finished with a 6:56 pace, but I did a hillier route so I thought it would be slower than yesterday. It almost felt as if my knee injury was gone.


Sunday: Today I just had 4 miles. Good thing because I again did not feel good. I ate right before I ran, which was a dumb thing to do. I again couldn’t keep a pace and ended up going a little faster than expected. I was very, very sore. My calves hurt on every step. I ended up running a 6:51 pace. Which felt hard, but not too bad. I again could barely feel my knee. I think by the end of winter break my injury will be completely gone. Hopefully!

This week I hit my goal of 40 miles.