December 14th-20th

Monday: Today I had an easy 6 mile run to start off my week. I had to do stuff with DECA (a club I am in) after school so I had to run at home. I ran at about 6 or so and it was pitch black. I like night runs though. They just are different in a way I cannot describe, but different in a good way. I decided to get out of my comfort, and go on a trail by some woods that would not be lighted. I ran into 3 deer about ten feet away from me. I couldn’t even identify them for a while. I got really scared, but I always like seeing wildlife on my runs!


Tuesday: I ran 8 miles today. At 10 minutes in I picked it up and did a tempo for 20 minutes. I averaged about 6:15’s for my tempo. I felt alright, the last couple minutes or so was hard but I finished fine. I took a short break (about a minute) after my tempo and then continued running. I ran just under 7 minute pace for the rest of my run. I averaged 6:40 for the whole run in the end. So it was a pretty fast paced run.


Wednesday:Today was simply a 4 mile run. My friend who does not run wanted to run with me to see if he could keep up. So we started to run. About a half mile later he was gone. He told me after the run that he jogged very slowly and was not feeling good. But he showed some interest in running and would like for me to make him a training plan. I am happy to do so, I love getting people involved in running.


Thursday: Today it was about 30 degrees, but felt like 17. The winds were crazy. Today would be my last day in shorts and a t-shirt. I handled the cold pretty well. My arms got wind burned pretty bad, and it took me hours for my body to warm up afterward. I decided it was probably the best to start wearing more clothes. Also I had a fartlek run. So I did 6 of 2 minutes. I felt fine. My legs are a little sore, but that was really all.  


Friday: Today I ran 4 miles again. One of the old team mates from last year came home from college, so I ran with him. It was a nice run, I liked keeping up with him and hearing his stories from college. The run was relatively easy and I felt fine. It was very cold and windy though. On my last stride, when I stopped I felt an awkward feeling in my knee. I didn’t think too much of it.


Saturday: Today I ran 10 miles. I ran a lot of it on trails. I love trail running. For the most part it was a very pleasant run. But then around 7 miles in, I was running down a hill and the knee pain came shooting through. It hurt really bad. I had to run 3 more miles on it. It slowed me down a lot, and I had to stop multiple times. I iced it, and have been resting my knee in hopes that I will be able to run fine on Monday.


Sunday: Took the day off.


This week I hit my goal of 40 miles.