I was alternate number three. Not like it mattered, just there with the team. With my friends. It was after conference, my last race as a freshman. I ran for Kimberly, a very distinguished team. We took second at the FVA conference. We lost to our rivals, the Neenah rockets. Our ego was huge, we were certain that we would crush conference. And rail sectionals and maybe even by top five at state. Once we lost conference, most hopes went down. Knowing that there was West Bend West, also a very a good team. Only two teams would move on to state. With Neenah and West Bend West. The biggest question, also our biggest fear. Were we even gonna go to state?

Sectionals was here. The whole team and I were nervous, I wasn't even running. But by now going to state was a distant dream. The team lined up for the race. I could tell they were nervous, even though they were a quarter mile away from me. I heard the gunshot, and the race was off. It felt like forever until they were in sight. Even though I wasn't even at the mile marker. As they got closer I noticed that our own Nick Rink was in first, with his twin brother Derek in second. It wasn't a rare occasion that they were in first and second but in a race this big. That was awesome. Maybe we were going to state. Everyone's spirits boosted. Only a little bit back we saw Evan and Jack.  They too were having a good race. Then pretty much right away, I saw Ryan. Things were looking good. Everyone passed their second lap and into the finish, at about the same place. Soon after the results were out, we were tied for first with 35 points. We beat our rivals. We were going to state. The bus ride home was chaos, everyone was pumped.

It was a week later. State was here! The bus ride down was filled with laughter, nervousness, and music. We got there at about ten, the guys didn't race for a while. So everyone got their state apparel, and walked the course. After getting the tent set up and watching the division three and part of the division two races, the guys decided to warm up. After warming up the guys got into the start, the alternates decided to spread out along the course. I was at like mile two, right after a big hill. I heard the gunshot go off and I knew the race was off. I was nervous for the guys. How would we place? For the seniors, would they have a good last race? I saw them hit the mile one mark, but I was too far away to make out who was on Kimberly and who wasn't. I saw them running up towards me and there was Olin Hacker, a very very good runner. After about twenty seconds a small pack passed us. I saw Nick Rink in the pack,  it didn't surprise me all that much. After about five seconds there was Derek and a same pack as well. Again not too much after there was Evan Blom and Jack Fitzgerald. Then Ryan Diedrich and Will Demerath. Then Hunter Styka. Everyone seemed to be having a good race. The race finished and everyone was happy. The results came in and we took fifth, and tied the best Kimberly has ever done at state. We also beat West Bend West ( the team we tied at sectionals) by five positions. The bus ride home was enthusiastic. It was a successful season. That could not have been done without our coach. Coach Heling.

Our goals for next season are to make it to state, and place top three. We are losing some valuable seniors ( Hunter,Even, Ryan). We have Nick and Derek who are juniors, so we will have them next year. Plus Jack and Will are freshman, and I am a freshman. So we have a good chance to hit our goals for next year.