December 7th-13th

Monday: I started off my week with a 4 mile run. Also it was the first time I would try out my new shoes. Which were the Saucony Triumph 2. I have never had such a supportive shoe. One problem is with the laces they come untied a lot so I just have to tuck them into the lacing.  I was a little concerned because my shins hurt a little. It was probably just because I took a week off. The pain would probably soon reside. I ran a little harder than I wanted. I ran around a 6:50 pace. I didn’t feel all that well either. It will probably just take a day or two to feel better.


Tuesday: I ran 6 miles today. I wanted to see if I could handle the cold (around 35 degrees) in just shorts and a t-shirt. I did surprisingly well. It actually felt pretty good. At 10 minutes into my run, I did a 15 minute tempo. It felt good to go fast and I ran good. I ran about a 6:10 pace for my tempo. And about a 7:00 pace for the rest of the run. It felt fine, also my shins didn’t hurt all that much. Quite a bit less than monday.


Wednesday: Today was a short 4 mile run. I ran a decent pace (6:55). Winter has not really started yet. There is no snow, with that the temperatures are decently high. Always around 40 degrees. So running has been easier lately. I kind of just want winter to start because then running gets a lot harder. The snow slows you down and the freezing temperatures slow you down a little bit too. But right now I am just enjoying the warm “winter” as it lasts.


Thursday: I felt really bad today. I started out feeling good, then felt horrible by the end. I ran 6 miles. At 10 minutes in, I started my fartlek. I was going to do 8 one minute pick ups with equal rest. I stopped at 6 because I felt so bad. I even had to stop and catch my breath since I was hurting so much. I still ran pretty fast for the rest of the run averaging 6:40’s.


Friday: I had a “long” run today. It was only 8 miles but for this week it would be considered a long run. I ran a new route. It might be my new favorite route. I went to a park and then around a little pond, it was just nice. I didn’t start feeling good until around 4 miles in. But after that I felt great and ran pretty fast. I averaged 6:49’s for the whole thing. I was pretty impressed given that I didn’t feel all that great for the first half. I did strides after I ran and my legs felt like bricks. I was pretty sore. Maybe I should have slowed down.


Saturday: Today I had off. I did have a basketball game so that was my workout. (We won by the way)


Sunday: Today I did not feel good. I ran only 4 miles. But I ran it with some of the faster people on the team so we went fast. We averaged 6:43’s which was a lot faster then what I wanted. Plus on top of that I ate right before I ran (probably should not have done that), so I felt like I had to throw up throughout the whole run. Afterwards we did 8 strides to get a little speed in and keep our legs loose. It was not good weather conditions either. It was raining and was really wet so I got all wet and could barely see for the first part of my run due to the rain.

I hit my goal milage for the week which was 32. It is not that much but good to get me started on winter training.