Week of the 26th-1st

Monday: In the morning I did only four at an easy-average pace. I did a 6:58 pace. It was pretty easy and I felt good through the whole thing and it was not hard for me. After school I headed to the track to see how fast I could run one mile, because track is starting soon and I wanted to see how I would do. I did a one mile warm up. I did the mile despite the bad conditions, ice on the track and it was snowing. I ran the mile in 5:23, and felt like crap. It was a horrible mile. My goal still stands at an under five minute mile for the season.

Tuesday: I did not run in the morning because of lifting. Lifting was good, did not hit my goals on  bench (135 one rep), but there is always Friday. After school I did 5.5 miles at a 6:43 minute mile pace. I felt very good. It was a faster pace, but I felt good. It was also very good because I was a little sore from lifting.

Wednesday: In the morning I did five miles at a 6:55 pace. It was an average run. I didn't feel too good. I was very sore from lifting the day before. After school I did a 30 minute yoga routine to help my muscles recover from lifting and just to get loose. It was good and I am starting to see my flexibility level go up.

Thursday: In the morning I only did four at a 6:57 pace. It was an easier run with no hills. I felt very good, my legs felt awesome! After school I did 200 meter sprints. I was going to do 8, but after the first ones it was quite slippery and decided only to do 6. I did them at about 31.5 seconds per 200. I felt good, but was breathing quite heavy.

Friday: Before school we had lifting. I got my new ten rep max for bench (100 lbs.) and my new one rep max for bench also (135 lbs.). Also I got my new dead lift at 230 pounds for one rep, so it was a pretty productive morning. After school I was very sore but still did 7.25 miles. I ran a 6:48 minute mile pace which was fast. I was so sore and new the next day would not be good. The 7.25 miles went ok, the first 5 were fine then the next 2 were quite hard and my legs felt it.

Saturday: I decided to only run 4 miles because I was very sore. I ran it at a 7:24 minute mile pace so it was a very easy day. That was ok with me because my quads, hamstrings, and gluteus were so sore. I probably should have took the day off but decided not to and take tomorrow off.

Sunday: Took the day off and enjoyed the super bowl.