Week of the 19th-24th

     Monday went well. Woke up before school and was running by 5:10 in the morning. The run went well, it was a great way to wake me up. A little tired during the day though. I ran 6 miles at a 6:56 minute per mile pace. It wasn’t to fast but I only wanted to do an average pace. The track season is less than 3 weeks away so I need to start doing less easy runs and more average to hard runs. I have the Sergooys 5k in about 3 weeks also. So it would be a great time to pick it up a little bit.

    Tuesday was tough. Since I had track lifting in the morning if I wanted to get a run in I would have to wake up even earlier. So I woke up at 4:30 and was running by 4:45. This was the first run above 7:05 pace in a while. I ran a brutal 6 miles. I was not too happy about that. The conditions were very bad though. It snowed just over an inch the night before so I was in snow and slipping the whole run. The hills were the worst, you would run up them at a pace of 9:00 minutes per mile. Then after the hills you couldn't get enough traction to pick it up. So I had to very gradually increase my speed. Lifting was good. Quads were a little sore though.

    Wednesday was not so good. I slept in. I was very tired from the days before. I ended up running after school (something I am not a fan of). It was also my long run day so I did a route we call Enemy. I ran 8 miles. My pace was 7:03. Besides my Tuesday run that was the first time I was above 7:00 pace in about a month. The conditions were still pretty bad. The roads were plowed but the sidewalks were not (at least most of them). So I had to go though that the whole run. Although it was not as bad as Tuesday it was still not to good.

    Thursday was great. Now that everything was plowed I could run more freely now. I ran 5 miles at a 6:51 pace. Felt very good. Was not tired at all. I think it was because Wednesday refreshed me. After school I played capture the flag with the team. We play it in the woods with trails through them about a half mile from our school. Although it does not sound that tough, it is quite demanding with the snow making it slippery and hard to get traction. Also it is a good speed workout, but we normally just play it for fun and don't count it as a workout. Had basketball practice after school and quads were quite sore.

    On Friday I decided to do a speed workout (an actual one, not capture the flag). Again I had to wake up early because we had lifting in the morning. I was running by 4:50 and did a ten minute warm up and then some strides. My total speed workout only lasted 12 minutes yet it was very hard. I sprinted for 30 seconds as fast as I could, then I jogged for one minute. I repeated that 8 times. It was very hard because one minute is not enough time for your body to recover. After the workout I did a 10 minute cool down. Lifting went better today not too sore at all.

    Saturday was pretty good. I ran 5 miles at a 6:43 pace. I felt good all the way through. Got a small side ache at mile 3 but went away after a half mile. After that I had a basketball game which we won, but my quads were very sore throughout the whole game. After the game I rolled out and tried to get my quads and calves into a little better shape. Then I did a small yoga routine and I was feeling fresh.