Week of 9th-15th


Monday: Took the day off. Let my legs and knees rest. I decided to lift instead today. So I lifted for about an hour and a half.

Tuesday: Again took the day off and did a small yoga routine, an ab workout and a some basketball for my workout today.

Wednesday: My last day taking off. It has been so long, not running really sucks. Today I lifted, went well. Did not do legs to really let my knees and legs rest for one more day.

Thursday: First time running in four days. Felt amazing. My shins hurt a little bit so I should probably keep an eye on that. Knees felt a little weird. Coach gave me some tips to try to excercise my hips and maybe that will keep my knees a little healthier. I will probably start that Saturday. We ran 5.25 miles at a 6:59 minute mile pace. It went quite well, it didn’t feel too hard or anything but I could tell I was a little rusty. In about a day or so though I will be all good. It was kind of icy today also. I fell twice, hit my hip on the second one. After about a minute or two the pain was gone and I was fine.

Friday: Today it was a bad idea to do mile repeats. I was only have ran for one day, but that is ok. We did a 1.5 mile warm up then we ran one mile. I ran it in 5:16, that was quite fast. Although we were going slightly downhill and the wind was at our backs so that would be why is was so fast. We had a five minute rest then ran again. This time uphill and the wind right at our faces. I ran a 5:49, it was very slow. I was okay with it because of the conditions and I was quite tired. My calves hurt a lot so I decided to do a mile cool down and be done.

Saturday: Today my legs were very sore from the mile repeats so I decided only to do 6. I ran at a 6:49 pace which was faster than what I wanted but what are you gonna do. It was extremely cold, it was negative 25 with windchill. The first half of the run was the worst but then it got better. I felt good despite being very sore. After I got done running I did a 25 minute hip exercise thing. I could feel it in my hips obviously. Hopefully after a couple of weeks doing this every other day my knees/hips will be strong.

Sunday: I decided to take it easy today. My calves are still pretty sore. I ran 5.3 miles at a 6:58 minute mile pace. I also iced my calves to hopefully get them better. I only ran about 20 miles this week which is pretty sad. I did take 3 of the days off though. So that is okay I guess. I am gonna try to run a 40 mile week next week to make up for it. Track is in less than one month so I want to do less workouts and more constants runs so I go into the season fresh and not worked/tired. Also after next week I think I am gonna go down to about 33 miles a week until track season. I will take one day off or maybe two every once in a while. Track season is 27 days away. I can’t wait.